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In daily life we need to remember a huge number of things in almost every aspect from credit card number to house insurance number, from kids’ baby sitter’s detail to passcode of the alarm system. You buy an electronic product, you have to remember its details for e.g, manufacturer, serial number, purchase date, warranty expire date etc. You have a party scheduled, now you need to worry about the food items, guest list and if more than one person are hosting or collaborating then share the status with them. You have 22 characters long wi-f- password, your kids’, wife’s or friends’ allergies.

The list grows endless. As human mind has its limits in remembering things (unless you have something like a Beautiful Mind of course), it seems technology advancements are hell bent on solving the issues faced in keeping the details of your “personal data”. Personal is one such new product, in public beta, that tries to help you keeping the track of your personal details in a way that can ease your life big times.

What is Personal and how does it work?

Personal provides you a vault where you can save all your details safely. But wait,if it is about storing the details why not use some other online storage like Dropbox or some to-do list application like Evernote? Well, there is difference, you don’t have to go through a number of spreadsheets looking for information. It has different “gems” that enables you to store data in very attractive GUI in different category. Lets see in details.

It provides you a number of categories like Electronics, Home, Food, Insurance etc. In each category we have what is called “gems”. These gems are like a sub category in which you can enter details. We will explain you with example of Insurance.

personal vault

In here, I want to add the Home Insurance details. I’ll choose to add the Home Insurance Gem in my vault (my personal space). If I have more than one houses, I can add another instance in the same gem.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But wait, there is more to it. We talked about sharing as well, didn’t we. Personal is a “social private network” of your personal data. Suppose I want to share the insurance details with my wife. Assuming that she is also using Personal and is in my network, I can share this gem with her. Now she doesn’t need to store/remember these details.

How secure is your data?

Personal guarantees that you own your data and no one else. It stores your password using SHA technology which is, at present. the most secure way of encrypting the data.


Personal has lots of attractive features that makes it interesting. With its latest android app it is more useful than ever. It may be a bit tedious to store the data at first but then it converts your messy life into a smooth ride.

What goes against it is that you need your friends and family members at Personal to enjoy its cool features.

In my opinion, Personal is definitely worth giving a try. Sign-up for Personal What is your opinion about Personal and such social media start-ups? Do share it.