Are you searching for how to install the free version of Spotify on Linux? Spotify is on Linux again and this time its free as well. Well that should sounds music to the ears of Linux users who love music but were not willing to pay for the premium account of Spotify. So here is what Spotify is calling “Linux Preview”, which is nothing but sort of beta version.


If you are not familiar with Spotify, I’ll list some salient features that make Spotify my favorite music streaming application:

  • 15 Million free tracks to listen to
  • Extremely good streaming
  • Instant scan of your local music files and it keeps it in the server so that you can listen to your favorite songs on any computer without the need of accessing your personal computer.
  • Integration with Facebook makes it more social. You can see what your friends are listening to and you can also listen to their public playlist composed of their local music files.
  • You can Post and share the songs on Facebook, Twitter and Windows Messanger
  • Integration with
  • Ubuntu sound menu integration
How to install the free version of Spotify on Linux

How to install it on Ubuntu?

Remember that it is a beta version. But I have not found any significant bugs that hindered my experience so I would suggest you to go for it.

Here are the links to download the deb packages from Spotify repository:

Spotify Linux
Spotify Windows

Once you finished downloading double click on it and install the software in Ubuntu Software Center (in Ubutnu 11.10).

Start the application. Now sit back and enjoy the musical world of Spotify. How do you like it by the way?