Hacking is always a way to show off your geeky skill. And hacking Facebook and other social media sites are always interesting because of the loopholes in their security features. How to hack Facebook status in the most easy way? Since we interact with people on social media sites it gives us access to some of the information which can be used in playing a nice hack-prank against them.

In this tutorial we will see how can we hack Facebook status of a friend (enemy, if you are vengeful ). The tutorial is based on a Facebook mobile feature where one can use text message to update his/her facebook status. Since Facebook has  a huge number of mobile users there is high possibility that our target person (we will refer the person as victim hereafter) has this feature enabled.

Lets see what do we need in order to hack someone’s  Facebook status:

  1. Access to victim’s phone number.
  2. Victim must have activated text messaging in his mobile settings. (Unfortunately there is no way to find out beforehand whether this feature has been enabled or not)
  3. Access to a website that sends fake sms from any number (We will see it later in the tutorial)
  4. Country specific access code for Facebook mobile (We will see it later in the tutorial)

Step 1:

Assuming that you have victim’s cell phone number and the victims has text messaging activated on his phone, we would proceed to the next step of using  a site that allows to send fake sms from any number. The idea is that we would use this site to send a sms to facebook pretending to be from victim’s number.

I would suggest to use SMSGlobal which provides 25 free messages for just signing up. All you have to do is to create an account on it.

Step 2:

Now, when we have an account on SMS Global, we need to know the country specific code (its uses will be explained in the next step). Select the code depending upon which country the victim’s cellphone belongs to:

  • United Arab Emitrates: 2474
  • Angola: 42665
  • Argentina: 325
  • Austria: 66468132665
  • Azerbaijan: 3223
  • Bangladesh: 3232
  • Bahrain: 94455
  • Czech Republic: 9996209
  • Algeria: 205
  • Germany: 2665
  • Egypt: 3265
  • Fiji: 3223
  • Guyana: 1559
  • Honduras: 3223
  • Ireland: 51325
  • India: 919232232665
  • Iraq: 1430
  • Italy: 3399932665
  • Jordan: 90906
  • Kenya: 8140
  • Republic of Korea: 2665
  • Kazakhstan: 404
  • Lebanon: 1191
  • Lithuania: 1556
  • Morocco: 600
  • Montenegro: 14777
  • Madagascar: 34665
  • Mauritius: 8466
  • Nigeria: 631
  • Nicaragua: 32740
  • New Zealand: 3223
  • Panama: 4444
  • Poland: 2665
  • Paraguay: 325
  • Qatar: 92255
  • Rwanda: 7777
  • Saudi Arabia: 710700
  • Sudan: 32665
  • Sweden: 3900
  • Slovenia: 3265
  • Thailand: 42665
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 42665
  • South Africa: 13999

If desired country is not listed then the activation code would be: 32665

(To verify whether or not these codes valid, check with official Facebook records)

Step 3:

Now since we have collected our resources, lets move to nail our victim.

  • Login to SMSGlobal
  • Select Send SMS to Number from left sidebar
  • In the Send SMS To field fill the country specific code chosen from Step 2
  • In the Sender ID From field use the victim’s phone number
  • Reply to should be checked on Sender ID
  • In the Message field write a funny (sad, cruel, warning whatever) message. This message will be used as the Facebook status of the victim.
  • If you are successful till here, Your target is down.

This picture should help you in understanding the above mentioned steps:

I hope you find this tutorial easy to understand simple to follow. Questions, suggestion and a word of thanks is always welcomed. Do subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Keep Hacking

Disclaimer: The tutorial is intended for educational purpose and should be used use as a prank only in a friendly manner. Author cannot be liable for any mischief committed by the readers.