The best AI writers of 2023: ChatGPT and alternatives (2023)

Whether unlocking your phone through face recognition or telling Alexa to play a song, artificial intelligence has filtered into our everyday lives. Now, you can harness the power of AI to do your writing, too. At your command, AI writers can write that paper you have been dreading to start, write code, compose emails or even pass your MBA exam.

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Although ChatGPT has made quite the buzz, its popularity has made it unreliable for everyday use since it's often at capacity. The good thing is there are plenty of AI writers that are just as capable, and available whenever you need them. We put together a list of the best AI writers on the market and detailed everything you need to know before choosing your next writing assistant.

Pros & Cons


  • Writing skills
  • STEM knowledge
  • Conversational


  • Not always available
  • Not connected to the internet

More Details


  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-3
  • Can do text generation, solve math problems, and does coding
  • Offers conversation capabilities
  • Price: Completely free to the public right now

ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot that is able to produce text for you based on any prompt you input, generating emails, essays, poems, raps, grocery lists, letters and much more.

In addition to writing for you, it can chat with you about simple or complex topics such as "What are colors?" or "What is the meaning of life?" ChatGPT is also proficient in STEM and can write and debug code, and even solve complex math equations. The best part is that the service is completely free to the public right now because it is still in its research and feedback-collection phase.

The big downside is that the chatbot is often at capacity due to its immense popularity. However, OpenAI is in talks of releasing a professional version, which would be quicker and always accessible, at a monthly cost.

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Pros & Cons


(Video) Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives To Use In 2023

  • 50 different writing templates
  • Copyediting features
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Focuses on written text
  • Steep cost

More Details


  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-3
  • Can summarize texts and generate paragraphs and product descriptions
  • Checks for plagiarism and grammar
  • Price: Starts at $49 per month

Like ChatGPT, Jasper also uses natural language processing to generate human-like responses. Jasper even uses the same language model as ChatGPT, OpenAI's GPT-3, which was created by the AI research company behind ChatGPT.

With Jasper, you can input a prompt for what you want to be written and it will write it for you, just like ChatGPT would. The major difference with Jasper is that it has an extensive amount of tools to produce better copy. Jasper can check for grammar and plagiarism and write in over 50 different templates including, blog posts, Twitter threads, video scripts, and more.

If you need to generate written copy every day for your business, Jasper is the tool for you. However, at a $49-a-month cost, it is an investment.

Pros & Cons


  • Readily available
  • Free
  • Source Citing


  • UI lacks aesthetic appeal
  • In beta stage

More Details


  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-3
  • But lists sources for the text it generates
  • It even uses Google sources (unlike most other AI writers)
  • Price: Free

YouChat also uses OpenAI's GPT-3, like ChatGPT and Jasper. With Jasper, you can input a prompt for what you want to be written and it will write it for you, just like ChatGPT would for free. The chatbot outputs an answer to anything you input including math, coding, translating, and writing prompts. A huge pro for this chatbot is that, because it lacks popularity, you can hop on at any time and ask away.

Another major pro is that this chatbot cites sources from Google, which ChatGPT does not because it doesn't have internet access. For example, if you ask YouChat "What is soda?", it will produce a conversational text response, but also cite sources from Google specifying where it pulled its information from. The chatbot is just as functional, without annoying capacity blocks, and has no cost.

Pros & Cons


  • Up-to-date
  • Variety of use cases
  • Free trial


  • Subscription cost
  • Can't do math
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More Details


  • Supported by Google
  • Aware of current events (ChatGPT stops at 2021)
  • Offers voice dictation, AI image generation, and more
  • Price: The monthly cost starts at $12 per month

Chatsonic is a dependable AI writer, especially If you need an AI writer that is up-to-date on current events. Because Chatsonic is supported by Google, it is aware of current news and can provide you answers and stories that relate to it, which ChatGPT can't do since its database doesn't go past 2021.

Chatsonic also has some other cool features like voice dictation, which lets you speak prompts as you would with Alexa, and AI image generation. If you want to try it, you get a convenient free trial for 2,500 words with no credit card required. The monthly cost starts at $12 per month but goes all the way up to $650 per month depending on the number of words needed.

Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Educational
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn't write text
  • No desktop version

More Details


  • From Google
  • Type in any question to generate a response
  • Has fun graphics
  • Supports scanning worksheet to get a specially curated answer
  • Price: Free

If you want your child to also take advantage of AI to lighten their workload, but still have some limits, Socratic is for you. With Socratic, children can type in any question they may have about what they are learning in school and Socratic will generate a conversational, human-like response with fun unique graphics to help break down the concept.

The app, available on the App Store and the Google App Store, also has a feature that lets your kid scan their worksheet to get a specially curated answer. The app does have some limitations; for example, it will not just write an essay or story when prompted. However, this could be a positive thing because it curbs your child's temptation to get a chatbot, like ChatGPT, to write their essay for them.

more buying choices

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What is the best AI writer?

The best overall AI writer is ChatGPT because it is free and encompasses a wide range of skills that go beyond writing including coding, conversation, and math equations.

AI writer


Key features


Completely free to the public right now

  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-3
  • Can do text generation, solve math problems, and do coding
  • Offers conversation capabilities


Starts at $49 per month

  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-3
  • Can summarize texts and generate paragraphs and product descriptions
  • Checks for plagiarism and grammar



  • Uses OpenAI's GPT-3
  • But lists sources for the text it generates
  • It even uses Google sources (unlike most other AI writers)


The monthly cost starts at $12 per month but can shoot up depending on your needs

  • Supported by Google
  • Aware of current events (ChatGPT stops at 2021)
  • Offers voice dictation, AI image generation, and more



  • From Google
  • Type in any question to generate a response
  • Has fun graphics
  • Supports scanning worksheet to get a specially curated answer

Which AI writer is right for you?

While ChatGPT is our personal favorite, your use case may be hyper-specific or have certain demands. If you need a constant, reliable AI writer, there are other alternatives that might be better suited for you. If you just want an AI writer that produces cleancopy, for example, then Jasper is for you. If you want to play around with an AI chatbot that isn't always at capacity, YouChat might be the best option.

Lastly, if there is a child in your life, Socratic might be worth checking out. See our breakdown below:

If you want…

Then choose this AI writer…

The best AI writer overall


The best AI writer for businesses and marketers


The best ChatGPT alternative


The best AI writer for news content creators


The best AI writer for kids and students

Socratic by Google

How did we choose these AI writers?

In order to curate the list of best AI writers, we looked at the capabilities of each individual program including the individual uses each program would excel at. Other factors we looked at were reliability, availability and cost. Once we gathered all of this data, and tried them out for ourselves, we identified which AI writer would be best for the needs of different individuals and included them in the list.

What is an AI writer?

An AI writer refers to a chatbot that is capable of generating written content from a user's input prompt. These AI writers are capable of writing anything from a rap song, to an essay upon a user's request. The extent of what each chatbot is specifically able to write about depends on its individual capabilities including whether it is connected to a search engine or not.

How do AI writers work?

AI writers use language models to train the AI to produce human-like responses. Some AI writers are connected to the web and that is how they have up-to-date information, while others depend solely on the information they are trained with.

How much do AI writers cost?

AI writing programs vary in cost with some being entirely free and others costing as much to $600 a month. ChatGPT and YouChat are entirely free to use since both are still in their testing phases. Services like ChatSonic can cost up to $650 a month for 2,000,000 words and 15 seats.

Are there alternative ChatGPT AI writers worth considering?

(Video) Chatting About Chatbots: Exploring the Top ChatGPT Alternatives for 2023

Yes! Despite ChatGPT's immense popularity, there are some major downsides to the AI chatbot, including that it is not always available. If you want to give the world of AI chatbots and writers a try, there are plenty of other options to consider. We deep-dived into five alternatives above, and some more below.

Read more about the best tools for your business and the right tools when building your business!

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Is Jenni AI worth it? ›

It can supercharge your SEO work. Jenni gives you a new chance service for creating website content. Even writers who doubt the power of AI are going to get used to using tools like Jenni to improve their writing and write more content information. Your content will rank high in SERPs.

Can I write a book using AI? ›

AI novel writing software uses algorithms to generate new ideas and create new stories. These AI writing software options can be helpful tools for novelists who are struggling to come up with fresh thoughts or who want to explore different genres.

Who is the most advanced AI in the world? ›

While AI has been improving, the November 2022 launch of ChatGPT has been a game changer. ChatGPT is a conversational application of GPT-3, the most powerful AI system in the world, allowing you to have a natural conversation with this powerful technology.

Is AI writer worth it? ›

The greatest advantage of using an AI content writer tool is that it provides the ability to produce and publish more content in less time. This can be an excellent way for marketers to increase their content output without having to spend hours researching and crafting blog posts.

What is the smartest AI to talk to? ›

Mitsuku is claimed to be the most human-like conversation bot in the world. The chatbot has won Loenber price multiple times for the most human-like conversation. Mitsuku was created using the Pandorabot platform.

What is the most complex AI in the world? ›

The NVIDIA DGX A100 is the first computer of its kind in New Zealand and is the world's most advanced system for powering universal AI workloads.

Should I copyright my book before sending it to an illustrator? ›

Your work is protected by intellectual property law as soon as it's written or saved (in every draft and edition) so it's not absolutely necessary to register your copyright, which is what people mean when they say “copyright your book”.

What should you not write in a book? ›

There is nothing worse than reading a book that is boring. One way that a book can bore a reader is if it has too many overused, common, or even cliche words and phrases. There are several words to avoid when writing a book. These include “said”, “feel”, “really”, “very”, “actually”, “I”, and so much more.

Can you write a book in 3 days? ›

But, Is It Possible to Write a Book in Just 3 Days? You betcha! But I also want to give you some ideas about how long it will take you if you do things the right way. If your writing mojo is well up and running, you may even be able to get your book done in 3 days!

What is the smartest AI right now? ›

Lucid.AI is the world's largest and most complete general knowledge base and common-sense reasoning engine.

Who is the leader in AI technology? ›

Geoffrey Hinton is one of the most famous AI Leaders in the world, with his work specializing in machine learning, Neural networks, Artificial intelligence, Cognitive science and Object recognition. Hinton is a cognitive psychologist and a computer scientist who is most known for his work on artificial neural networks.

Can Google detect AI writing? ›

Google can detect if something is AI-generated by searching for patterns and inconsistencies in writing style as well as how good the quality of the content is.

Do you need a high IQ to be a writer? ›

Having a high IQ won't make you a good writer. It may be a good advantage, but it is the fine balance between intelligence and learning that can give you the craft to form a good poem or pen a beautiful story. Writing is about the ability to express the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that are in your head.

Is there an AI that can talk like human? ›

Long promised by science fiction, an artificial intelligence that can talk to you in natural language, and answer almost any questions you might have, is here. ChatGPT has been taking social media by storm over the past week, with users showcasing the diverse ways the tool can be used.

What is the most advanced AI robot? ›

Lucky for us, we got a chance to speak to the world's most advanced robot, Ameca at GITEX 2022 in Dubai. Created by Engineered Arts, Ameca is described as the "world's most advanced human shaped robot representing the forefront of human-robotics technology."

Do you need a lot of math for AI? ›

To become skilled at Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you need to know: Linear algebra (essential to understanding most ML/AI approaches) Basic differential calculus (with a bit of multi-variable calculus) Coordinate transformation and non-linear transformations (key ideas in ML/AI)

What is the best age to learn AI? ›

Well, anyone can lean AI at any age. However, as several studies suggest young minds are quick learners than any other age of life, it's better to start early. Many schools nowadays are including AI Learning as a part of the school curriculum. In fact, children as young as 2-3 years of age can also start exploring AI.

How many months does it take to learn AI? ›

How Long Does It Take To Learn AI? Although learning artificial intelligence is almost a never-ending process, it takes about five to six months to understand foundational concepts, such as data science, Artificial Neural Networks, TensorFlow frameworks, and NLP applications.

Are there any real AI chatbots? ›

There's a new AI bot in town: ChatGPT, and even if you're not into artificial intelligence, you'd better pay attention. The tool, from a power player in artificial intelligence called OpenAI, lets you type questions using natural language, to which the chatbot gives conversational, if somewhat stilted, answers.

What AI app is everyone using? ›

It's called Lensa AI, and the viral photo-editing app takes your uploaded photos and creates "magic avatars" using your face.

Can AI steal your job? ›

There are two sides to this coin: Robots and AI will take some jobs away from humans — but they will also create new ones. Since 2000, robots and automation systems have slowly phased out many manufacturing jobs — 1.7 million of them. On the flip side, it's predicted that AI will create 97 million new jobs by 2025.

How can I make money with AI? ›

One of the most popular methods for making money with artificial intelligence is through marketing. By using AI technology in marketing campaigns, you can reach a larger audience and earn more money than if you spent time and effort alone trying to sell your product or service.

What stage of AI are we in? ›

We are in the final stages of ANI, in which the intelligence of machines and humans are equal.

How much should an illustrator charge for a book? ›

How much does it cost to hire an illustrator? A professionally illustrated book cover will cost, on average, between $500-$1,500. A fully illustrated book, as you'd expect, is much more expensive — more like $2,000-$10,000, depending on the scope and complexity of the artwork.

What happens if I don't copyright my book? ›

Legally, you are no longer required to mark your work. But it's a good idea. If your work is property marked, then an unauthorized user may not claim that he or she was “innocent,” and you may be able to recover a larger award in an infringement action.

What should you not put on a copyright? ›

Give credit to the original copyright owner. Add a disclaimer like “I don't own the rights” or “no infringement intended” Added your own material to the original content.

What makes a book badly written? ›

Sometimes a book is labelled “badly written” because it's too descriptive, too “flowery.” Other books get the same label for being to-the-point, not poetic enough. It's badly written because it has too much dialogue. Or the dialogue doesn't sound like how you and your friends talk. It's too hard to follow.

What words should you avoid when writing? ›

Avoid using words to fill up space. Modifiers, qualifiers, and intensifiers (very, almost, nearly, quite) add nothing to our writing. Unnecessary adjectives and adverbs clutter up the page and put our readers to sleep. We should also avoid using big words and empty phrases because we think they makes us sound clever.

What is the hardest part of writing a book? ›

Your new novel is progressing nicely. Perhaps you're 30,000 or 40,000 words in — far enough along to establish a rhythm. You have a clear idea of how the story ends and you're excited to take the journey that will get you (and your characters) to the big finish.

How many hours a day do authors write? ›

In his memoir, King says it's best to write a minimum of 2000 words a day to avoid “the smooch of death.” “Read and write four to six hours a day. If you cannot find the time for that, you can't expect to become a good writer.”

How many hours does it take to write a 100 page book? ›

A 100 page book is about 30,000 words. If you write more than 1500 words per week, you can expect for it to take 2 – 4 months to write a 100 page book.

How many hours a day should you read a book? ›

You should read at least one hour every day without interruptions to be considered an average book reader. Those who finish a book every week usually engage in focused reading for 1.5 to 3 hours each day and have strategies to avoid distraction from smart devices and people. What is this?

Which is better copy AI or Jasper AI? ›

If you want our quick take, here it is: Jasper AI's content output is much better. If you want consistent high-quality content, get Jasper. But Copy AI's content isn't bad. It can generate excellent copy, especially for things like social media posts or emails.

Is RYTR better than Jarvis? ›

The major difference between them is that Rytr.AI is good for creating Ads copies, and other short-form copies, while Jarvis is better with long-form content. The downside of Rytr.AI is that it doesn't provide you with SEO features or any 3rd-party integration.

Is there an AI that can talk to me? ›

Replika. With over 10 million users, Replika is one of the most popular and advanced AI companions. Unlike traditional chatbots, Replika can recognize images and continue the conversation using them.

Does Rytr plagiarize? ›

Rytr is an AI that helps create content for just about anything – including blog posts, social media posts, and ads. It can even write song lyrics (or attempt to, anyway) and supports many different languages. The content it produces is plagiarism-free.

Is Rytr worth it? ›

Rytr is the best budget-friendly AI writer. It doesn't have as many templates as Copy AI, and its document editing doesn't match Jasper AI. But you can't get anything better in this price range. If you value simplicity and speed in execution, Rytr is probably the best AI writing assistant you can choose.

Is there any software like Jarvis? ›

1. Copysmith: The Jarvis Alternative For Large eCommerce Teams. Copysmith is the best Jasper alternative for eCommerce and large marketing teams.


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