Textbooks and Bookstores - Lansing Community College (2022)

Barnes & Noble College (formerly known as MBS) is LCC’s official online bookstore. The bookstore presents all options available to students to purchase their textbooks including new with a guaranteed buyback price and, if available, used, e-book/digital, rental, and marketplace options. Students should click the link below to access their textbook information.

external link Barnes & Noble College Online Bookstore

Attention Students:

Book vouchers for the semester will be available to those who are eligible.

  • Spring 2023: December 9, 2022 - February 1, 2023

Steps To Access Your Voucher

Course Textbook Requirements

Students: View the latest textbook information for your courses by clicking on the "Barnes & Noble College Online Bookstore" link above. You can search for all courses and determine the required text for your classes. If you want to use your Financial Aid Book Voucher, you will need to log into your Banner Self Service page and use the textbook link. Not only will this allow you to use your Financial Aid Book Voucher, it will also automatically populate your class schedule. Course code and CRN information can be found in Banner through myLCC.

First Day Inclusive Access

First Day Inclusive Access (FDIA) is an alternative to traditional textbooks. FDIA provides students access to digital course textbooks and materials on the first day of class, at a lower cost than a physical copy of the textbook. See below for courses using First Day Inclusive Access.

Need help using First Day Inclusive Access? Contact the LCC Help Desk at lcc1@star.lcc.edu, 517-483-5221 or online chat.

Spring 2023 Courses using First Day Inclusive Access

Course CRN Instructor Name
ACCG 101 20004 Charles Putnam
ACCG 161 20840

Charles Putnam

ACCG 271 21089 Larry Simpson
ACCG 290 21531 Cassi Beebe
ASTR 201 20334 Richard Cyburt
ASTR 201 21369 Richard Cyburt
BUSN 118 20222 Cynthia Rooker
BUSN 118 20223 Mary Stucko
BUSN 118 20224 Yvette Swint
BUSN 118 20241 Yvette Swint
BUSN 118 20244 Mary Stucko
BUSN 118 20553 TBD
BUSN 118 20627 Morgan Milner
BUSN 118 20961 Cynthia Rooker
BUSN 118 21630 Daniel Mulligan
BUSN 118 21631 Brian Roberts
BUSN 118 21646 Carolyn Dembowski
BUSN 118 21721 Mary Stucko
CHDV 100 20041 Jennifer Schafer
CHEM 251 20475 Kanagapushpam Padmanabhan
CHEM 251 20476 Kanagapushpam Padmanabhan
CHEM 252 20885 Kanagapushpam Padmanabhan
CITF 110 20056 Daniel Rafail
CITF 110 20059 Daniel Rafail
CITF 110 20514 Daniel Rafail
CITF 110 20770 Ying Jiang
CITF 110 20771 Daniel Rafail
CITF 120 20773 Christine Smith
COMM 110 21110 Gretchen Arthur
COMM 110 21111 Gretchen Arthur
COMM 110 21112 Isaac Reimer
COMM 110 21113 Isaac Reimer
COMM 110 21115 Cynthia Thomas
COMM 110 21148 Cynthia Thomas
COMM 110 21648 Mark Bottita
COMM 110 21649 Isaac Reimer
COMM 120 21047 Gretchen Arthur
COMM 120 21116 Kathryn Wolcott
COMM 120 21117 Mark Bottita
COMM 120 21118 Kathryn Wolcott
COMM 120 21119 Catharyn Palomino
COMM 120 21120 TBD
COMM 120 21121 TBD
COMM 120 21125 Catharyn Palomino
COMM 120 21211 Catharyn Palomino
COMM 120 21582 Gretchen Arthur
COMM 130 21127 Mark Bottita
COMM 130 21128 Catharyn Palomino
COMM 130 21129 Shane Davis
COMM 130 21130 Mark Bottita
COMM 130 21132 Denise Donohue
COMM 130 21133 Canena Adams
COMM 130 21650 Mark Bottita
COMM 240 21583 Isaac Reimer
COMM 280 21134 Gretchen Arthur
ENGL 121 21005 Shamane Bell
ENGL 121 21006 Shamane Bell
ENGL 121 21012 Shamane Bell
ENGL 121 21013 Shamane Bell
ENGL 121 21048 Shamane Bell
ENGL 121 21049 Shamane Bell
ENGL 122 20239 Rob McLoone
ENGL 122 21032 Theresa Purvis
ENGL 122 21058 Rob McLoone
ENGL 122 21367 Theresa Purvis
ENGL 124 21062 Barbara Anselmo
ENGL 124 21063 Shamane Bell
MATH 115 20296 James Simons
MATH 115 20624 James Simons
MATH 119 20302 Justice Odiase
MATH 119 20753 Colleen Thomas
MATH 119 20852 Colleen Thomas
MATH 119 20915 Kelly Sakkinen
MATH 119 20917 Gerald Weyand
MATH 119 20920 Kelly Sakkinen
MATH 119 20921 Shauna Hoffman
MATH 119 20939 Shauna Hoffman
MATH 119 20955 John Cally
MATH 119 21075 TBD
MATH 119 21085 Gerald Weyland
MATH 119 21166 Lillian Ryall
MATH 119 21187 Lillian Ryall
MATH 119 21226 Lillian Ryall
MATH 119 21228 Justice Odiase
MATH 119 21523 Jordan Gill
MATH 119 21535 Kelly Sakkinen
MATH 119 21539 Colleen Thomas
MATH 119 21551 Abbie Zysk
MGMT 150 20491 Brenda Brown
PFHW 163 20372 Joan Barch
PFHW 163 20374 Nikki Gruesbeck
PFHW 163 20375 Joan Barch
PFHW 163 20376 Shannon Biergans
PFHW 163 20377 Rita Wieber
PFHW 163 20378 Richard Schneider
PFHW 163 20379 Courtney Geisel
PFHW 163 20380 James Jackinchuk
PFHW 163 20381 Jodi Wiley
PFHW 163 20382 Shannon Biergans
PFHW 163 20383 Richard Schneider
PFHW 163 20384 Danny Tran
PHFW 163 21676 Danny Tran
PFKN 210 20390 Courtney Geisel
STAT 170 20756 Everett McIlwain
STAT 170 20778 Maria Johnson
STAT 170 20786 Mark Chapman
STAT 170 20880 Maria Johnson
STAT 170 21188 Mark Chapman
STAT 170 21231 Everett McIlwain
STAT 170 21232 Everett McIlwain
STAT 170 21576 Shawn Smith

Important Information for Students in Courses Using FDIA

  • Access is provided automatically for every student on the roster on the first day of class.
  • Students are able to access the content for 14 days with no initial payment, during which time they can opt out if they choose.
  • Students who do not opt out will retain their digital access and will have the access charge billed to their student account approximately three weeks after the start of the course.
  • Students who choose to opt out will need to independently purchase a copy of the textbook and/or associated access programs.
  • Students who drop the course prior to the census date are automatically opted out and are not billed. (For more information on census dates, see the Financial Aid Policies webpage.)

Benefits to Students

  • An average of 35 to 50% savings over the price for printed textbooks.
  • Deferred student billing direct to the student account, meaning students can pay using their financial aid, payment plan or online payment on their account.
  • Course textbooks and associated access programs are available on day one through D2L.
  • Increased interaction with course content, leading to greater success in the course. Built-in features include highlighting, annotating, bookmarking and print options.

Main Goals of FDIA

  • Reduce the cost of course textbooks and associated access programs.
  • Ensure all students have access to the materials on the first day of class.
  • Improve student learning of course outcomes, thereby increasing pass rates.

Why We Did It

An alarming percentage of students choose to forego obtaining course materials, putting their academic success at risk. One of the main reasons is the high price of textbooks. The cost of traditional, physical textbooks have skyrocketed. Used textbooks and rentals are also increasing in price and decreasing in availability, as sales of new textbooks decline. These factors make it more difficult for students to obtain and afford the required materials.

Why It Works

  • Inclusive Access breaks that cycle by consolidating purchases to achieve lower prices.
  • Because of lower logistical and production costs, digital course content is less expensive than physical textbooks. There are no restrictions on quantity, and no shipping or storage costs.
  • Inclusive Access materials can be updated easily. Every student has access to the most current version.
  • Deferred payment also allows students to utilize their financial aid or payment plan.
  • It ends the educational disenfranchisement of waitlisted students waiting to purchase their course materials, because if admitted to the class, they have immediate access to the course materials.

Benefits to Faculty

  • No restraint on academic freedom. Instructors choose the textbooks.
  • Ability to manage content and even add their own in some platforms.
  • Students can begin online homework assignments on first day of class.
  • Ability to integrate in D2L for single sign-on access.
  • Instructor analytics on student engagement and success.


Textbooks for all general education courses and many other courses are available for check out in the Library. Please direct any questions to library@lcc.edu or 517-483-1038.

Some textbooks may be available as an e-book through the Library or an Open Educational Resource (OER). Ask a Librarian if you need help.


For more information on textbook orders, contact the department/program.


Lansing Bookstore
Online Bookstore

Frequently Asked Questions

Barnes & Noble College (formerly known as MBS) Online Bookstore

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  • What are the benefits of the Barnes & Noble College online bookstore?

    Convenience of online shopping.

    All purchasing options are available for each titled listed on one screen.

    • New books, with a guaranteed buyback, if available
    • Used books, with a guaranteed buyback, if available
    • E-Book/Digital books
    • Rental books
    • Books available on the Marketplace

    Option to use available financial aid, up to $600, to purchase required book(s).

    When navigating to the Barnes & Noble College online bookstore through your Banner Self Service account, your class schedule is automatically populated - no searching for your courses.

    Easy buyback and rental returns through pre-paid shipping labels printed from your Barnes & Noble account or through on-campus buyback where Barnes & Noble College representatives will buy back your guaranteed buyback book(s), or books obtained from other vendors, if approved for buyback. Rental books may also be returned during the on-campus buyback, which takes place at the end of fall and spring semesters.

  • How long will it take to receive my books from Barnes & Noble College? Where will my books ship to?

    Books are shipped same day if ordered before noon CST. Books typically take 2 days without needing express options. Books will be shipped to the address entered by the student in their Barnes & Noble College account - the address is not tied to the Banner address. Books may be shipped to a P.O. Box.

  • I can't find my book on the Barnes & Noble College online bookstore.

    All courses have information regarding the textbooks for the course - either the adopted text, no text required, text to be provided, or a link to the Open Education Resource (OER) where the student can get the free textbook. If you cannot find your course, please contact the LCC Help Desk (option 0) at 517-483-5221 or toll free 1-800-644-4522 choose option 3.

  • Will course packs be available through Barnes & Noble College?

    Some course packs may be available for purchase through the online bookstore. If not available through the bookstore, a note stating such will appear on the site.

  • What type of books are available through Barnes & Noble College?
    • New, with a guaranteed buyback price, if applicable.
    • Used, if available (new editions will not have used stock available) also with a guaranteed buyback price, if applicable.
    • E-book/Digital, if the publisher has this option for the specific book.
    • Rental, if available.
    • A link to the Marketplace and the lowest price available on the Marketplace, if available.
  • What if I need to return my book?
    Barnes & Noble College return policy:
    • Course materials must be returned within two weeks after class start date or within 21 days of date shipped, whichever is later.
    • New course material must be returned in new, unopened condition in order to receive a full refund.
    • All components of a packaged item must come back together, unopened, and in the original shrink wrap to receive credit.
    • Loose leaf items must be in the original shrink-wrap.
    • CDs, diskettes, Info Trac pass codes (Internet pass codes included with your textbook) and software included with a book or sold alone must be intact, in the original packaging or it will be non-refundable.
    • All components of an item must come back in the same shipment to receive credit.
    • Books damaged in shipping may not be eligible for full refund.
    • Electronic content like access key codes, eBooks, etc. are non-refundable.
    • Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • How do I sell my textbook back or return my rental?

    Barnes & Noble College representatives will be on-campus, one day at West Campus and two days at Downtown, during Fall and Spring semesters. The representatives will buy back books purchased through Barnes & Noble College, and possibly buy back books purchased through other vendors. Students will receive cash at the time of purchase for the buyback. Barnes & Noble College will also accept rental returns while on campus.

    The student may go online to the Barnes & Noble College and print out a pre-paid shipping label (offsets the amount of buyback received) to send back books for either buyback or rental.

  • Use of Financial Aid on the Barnes & Noble College online bookstore.
    What is a Financial Aid Book Voucher?

    Some financial aid students are eligible to receive money for the purchase of books as an advance of their financial aid award. Each semester, eligible students may have access to a Financial Aid Book Voucher, of up to $600, as an advance, from LCC, of their financial aid. The Financial Aid Book Voucher enables the student to purchase books from Barnes & Noble College. The actual amount of the Financial Aid Book Voucher utilized will be charged to the student's account. If a student loses eligibility for financial aid after the charges have been applied to the student account, the student is responsible for paying those charges.

    I don't want to purchase my textbooks from the Barnes & Noble College.

    There is no obligation to purchase your textbooks from Barnes & Noble College. Students can purchase their books wherever they wish. However, students who wish to take advantage of the convenience of a Financial Aid Book Voucher to purchase their books can only do so through the Barnes & Noble College online bookstore. The student may use their Financial Aid Book Voucher for the following book options, if the option is available for the requested text:

    • New books, with a guaranteed buyback
    • Used books, with a guaranteed buyback
    • E-Book/Digital books
    • Rental books
    • Books available on the Marketplace
    How is the Financial Aid Book Voucher calculated?

    A student with authorized aid greater than the balance owed for tuition, fees, and supply advance is eligible to receive a Financial Aid Book Voucher. The balance of the authorized aid, up to $600, will be credited as a Book Voucher on the Barnes & Noble College online bookstore.

    • Example 1 - a student has authorized aid of $2,500 and tuition and fees outstanding of $1,100 and a $250 Supply Advance. The balance of authorized aid is $2,500 - $1,100 - $250 = $1,150 - the student is eligible for the full $600 Book Voucher.
    • Example 2 - a student has authorized aid of $2,000 and tuition and fees of $1,300 and a $250 Supply Advance. The balance of authorized aid is $2,000 - $1,300 - $250 = $450 - the student is eligible for a $450 Book Voucher.
    • Example 3 - a student has authorized aid of $1,200 and tuition and fees outstanding of $1,100 and a $100 Supply Advance. The full authorized aid has been used ($1,200 - $1,100 - $100 = $0); therefore, no Book Voucher would be available.
    I have all my textbooks and did not use my full Financial Aid Book Voucher - Can I have the balance for other educational expenses?

    The Financial Aid Book Voucher is only for the purchase of books.

    I have technical questions regarding Barnes & Noble College such as:
    • How to access the online bookstore.
    • How to navigate and use the site.
    • Login issues with Barnes & Noble College or Banner Self Service.
    • Other technical issues regarding LCC or Barnes & Noble College.

    Please contact the LCC Help Desk (option 0) at 517-483-5221 or toll free 1-800-644-4522 choose option 3.

    I have questions about the Financial Aid Book Voucher or Supply Advance such as:
    • Am I eligible to receive a Book Voucher?
    • Is the Book Voucher amount correct?
    • When will the Book Voucher and Supply Advance be available?

    Please visit the StarZone or call (517) 483-1200 (option 1).

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