Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (2023)

Excellent Value, incredible quality, and great location
House and land packages with all homes priced at $574,900 – $579,900.
8km to GPO and only 7.5 km to the Beach.

Attention first home buyers and investors, here is your chance to purchase a soon to be built home in the wonderful suburb of Angle Park. These blocks are very rare and limited so you need
to hurry as we only have 8 4 available at these prices. This fabulous new infill development is located just 8 kilometres from the CBD and 7.5 kilometres from the beautiful beaches of Semaphore.

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Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (1)

Attention First home buyers

Here’s 5 reasons to buy now

First home buyers it’s never been harder than right now to purchase a property at these prices and get so much. As a first home buyer, this development will be just perfect for a number of

Reason 1 to buy now – you will save thousands of dollars in stamp duty by purchasing as a house and land package as stamp duty is payable on the land value only.
Save almost $22,500, WOW

Reason 2 to buy now – First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is available if you are eligible which will give you $15,000 to put towards your purchase.

Reason 3 to buy now – you are buying at todays prices which will be fixed and guaranteed so you can commit with confidence. House prices are on their way up so lock in your price today!

Reason 4 to buy now – our experienced developer has appointed Qattro, a quality Adelaide builder, to complete these beautiful homes

(Video) Inside a £2,500,000 Kensington, London apartment with Luxury Interiors

Reason 5 to buy now – you will have the experienced team of TIPS by your side throughoutthe building of your home, so you always have someone to talk to if you have any questions or
need help. We will also be with you when you get the keys to your finished home with a gift to celebrate

Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (2)

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Great savings and benefits
Stamp duty saving $22,500 + FHOG benefits of $15,000 giving you $37,500 in benefits right now.
Now is the time to get off the rental roundabout and own your own home.
TIPS can also organise your home loan with great finance options available for eligible first home buyers. Terms, conditions and lending criteria apply.

Investors – tenants are desperate for a quality home like this with excellent rental returns being achieved for just $35 pw* to invest in a quality property in a high demand area.

We are offering brand new, affordable, turnkey homes with stamp duty savings to reduce initial outlay, plus you will receive our TIPS bonus pack which will save you thousands in upfront and
ongoing costs.
That’s right, invest today with TIPS for $35pw* after rent and all tax benefits are considered.

Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (3)

Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (4)

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Location location location
If you rely on public transport, there is a bus stop just a few metres away to take you to the CBD,Semaphore beach or the nearby Kilkenny shopping precinct just 1 kilometre away. This shopping
complex has Big W, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Harris Scarfe, Hoyts movies and many other tradersto shop at.

(Video) Touring a $52,500,000 BATMAN Inspired Glass and Steel Mansion

Adjacent to the site is the Parks Recreation and Sports centre / YMCA which you can enjoy swimming, state of the art Gym, basketball, netball, soccer, child minding and much much more.

The site also contains Parks Library and Parks Theatre for your enjoyment.

So, if you want to live in a fabulous development that has the perfect mix of lifestyle and convenience at your doorstep, we encourage you to talk to us about these fabulous homes.

Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (5)

Hurry they will not last long

Ok so let’s talk about your new house and what you will get! A brand new house and land package which will save you thousands in Stamp Duty, plus all this:
• 3 good size bedrooms all with robes
• Spacious kitchen areas and large living room
• Fencing and full landscaping with instant turf, mulch, native plants and irrigation
• Carpet in bedrooms and timber laminate floorboards in living areas
• Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning
• LED downlights to the living areas
• 3 coat paint system
• Stainless steel appliances
• Flyscreens to all windows and sliding doors (except bathroom)
• Rainwater tank plumbed to home
• Gas instantaneous hot water
• Automatic garage doors
And much, much more

First home buyers your home is waiting for you now, STOP paying rent now, and receive up to $37,500 in grants and savings. Or Investors, you can own one of these great homes for $35pw*, so why wait any longer.
TIPS will handle everything from start to finish and be with you at handover to ensure you are delivered a fabulous home. So, if you’re looking for your first home or investment property, I encourage you to contact us to discuss one of these fabulous properties now. We expect settlement on the land to occur early to mid 2023.
Enquire now. Great Home loan packages available to all buyers.

1300 719 412 or go online at to book an appointment and find out more about these exceptional properties.

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(Video) This Ultra Modern Tiny Eco Home Will Blow Your Mind | See Inside

Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (6)

Stunning Luxury Property in the blue chip Kensington Gardens. (7)

If you’re an Owner Occupier, the TIPS Kickstart Package gives you, for no cost:
• Land Broker Service Fee (retail value $990)
• TIPS Move-In Pack


Investor Bonus Pack*
Where you allow us to manage your property once it is completed for two years, the TIPS Bonus Pack gives you over $2,700 in value, for an investment of only $990, being:
• Land Broker Service Fee (retail value $990)
• Discounted Letting/Re-Letting & Renewal Fee (saving approximately $660)
• Landlord Insurance 1st year to the value of $314
• Advertising of Home for Rental (saving approximately $200)
• BMT Tax Depreciation Report (retail value $770)
PLUS a Rent Guarantee for the first 12 months.
*Ask your Property Marketing Consultant for a copy of the Bonus Pack form,
with the full details including terms and conditions.

Important Information

Really important information that we need to tell you in regards this property and the offering.

The material presented in this brochure is to be used as general information only. It is not intended as legal or financial and must not be relied on as such. You should make your own enquiries and obtain independent professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances before making any legal or financial decisions. This publication has been prepared by Total Investment Property Solutions Pty Ltd, RLA 262420 (known as “TIPS”) and contains background and indicative information only. TIPS has used its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of this information, but gives no warranty or representation that any or all of the information in this publication, or provided in association with it (collectively, “Content”) is accurate and complete. Subject to any statutory liability that cannot be excluded or limited, we will not be responsible, and disclaim all liability, for any incorrect or misleading Content, and any omission from it. You must make and rely upon your own enquires and investigations and satisfy yourself in relation to the Content. We will not be liable for any loss that you or any other person may incur due to any reliance upon the Content. Photographs are indicative only and may not depict the actual project, proposal or development. All areas, distances, measurements, elevations, maps, plans, diagrams, finishes, fixtures and fittings are approximate only. This publication does not constitute an offer capable of acceptance, and nothing in this publication will give rise to any legal or other obligation between TIPS and you or TIPS’ client and you. The Content is subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer: Total Investment Property Solutions offer this information as an example only. Before making any decision whether to purchase an investment property you should seek your own independent professional advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. This content is not to be taken as legal, financial or real estate advice. Offer is made at the 15/03/2023 and will expire once all properties are sold or withdrawn from market.
*$35 per week is based on a house and land package loan of $579,900 interest only of 5.95%, running costs $117pw, estimated rent $600pw and $144pw being an average tax refund assuming income tax bracket of 32.5 cents. Sufficient equity or funds required to fund the purchase.

If you need more information about the terms and conditions please let us know

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(Video) Inside Florida's Most Expensive $437,000,000 Home

Form R3

Buyers information notice
Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994 section 13A
Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Regulations 2010 regulation 17

Before you buy a home there are a number of things that you should investigate and consider. Though it may not be obvious at the time, there could be matters that may affect your enjoyment of the property, the safety of people on the property or the value of the property.

The following questions may help you to identify if a property is appropriate to purchase. In many cases the questions relate to a variety of laws and standards. These laws and standards change over time, so it is important to seek the most up to date information. Various government agencies can provide up to date and relevant information on many of these questions. To find out more, Consumer and Business Services recommends that you check the website:

Consider having a professional building inspection done before proceeding with a purchase. A building inspection will help you answer some of the questions below.

The questions have been categorised under the headings
Safety, Enjoyment and Value, but all of the issues are relevant to each heading


  • Is there asbestos in any of the buildings or elsewhere on the property eg sheds and fences?
  • Does the property have any significant defects eg cracking or salt damp? Have the wet areas been waterproofed?
  • Is the property in a bushfire prone area?
  • Are the electrical wiring, gas installation, plumbing and appliances in good working order and in good condition? Is a safety switch (RCD) installed? Is it working?
  • Are there any prohibited gas appliances in bedrooms or bathrooms?
  • Are smoke alarms installed in the house? If so, are they hardwired? Are they in good working order and in good condition? Are they compliant?
  • Is there a swimming pool and/or spa pool installed on t
  • he property? Are there any safety barriers or fences in place? Do they conform to current standards?Does the property have any termite or other pest infestations? Is there a current preventive termite treatment program in place? Was the property treated at some stage with persistent organochlorins (now banned) or other toxic termiticides?
  • Has fill been used on the site? Is the soil contaminated by chemical residues or waste?
  • Does the property use cooling towers or manufactured warm water systems? If so, what are the maintenance requirements?
  • Does the property have any stormwater problems?
  • Is the property in a flood prone area? Is the property prone to coastal flooding?
  • Does the property have an on‐site wastewater treatment facility such as a septic tank installed? If so, what are the maintenance requirements? Is it compliant?
  • Is a sewer mains connection available?
  • Are all gutters, downpipes and stormwater systems in good working order and in good condition?
  • Is the property near power lines? Are there any trees on the property near power lines? Are you considering planting any trees Do all structures and trees maintain the required clearance from any power lines?
  • Are there any significant trees on the property?
  • Is this property a unit on strata or community title? What could this mean for you? Is this property on strata or community title? Do you understand the restrictions of use and the financial obligations of ownership? Will you have to pay a previous owner’s debt or the cost of planned improvements?
  • Is the property close to a hotel, restaurant or other venue with entertainment consent for live music? Is the property close to any industrial or commercial activity, a busy road or airport etc that may result in the generation of noise or the emission of materials or odours into the air?
  • What appliances, equipment and fittings are included in the sale of the property?
  • Is there sufficient car parking space available to the property?


  • Are there any illegal or unapproved additions, extensions or alterations to the buildings on the property?
  • How energy efficient is the home, including appliances and lighting? What energy sources (eg electricity, gas) are available?
  • Is the property connected to SA Water operated and maintained mains water? Is a mains water connection available? Does the property have a recycled water connection? What sort of water meter is located on the property (a direct or indirect meter – an indirect meter can be located some distance from the property)? Is the property connected to a water meter that is also serving another property?
  • Are there water taps outside the building? Is there a watering system installed? Are they in good working order and in good condition?
  • Does the property have alternative sources of water other than mains water supply (including bore or rainwater)? If so, are there any special maintenance requirements?

For more information on these matters visit:

Disclaimer: There may be other issues relevant to the purchase of real estate. If you are unable toascertain enough information about the questions raised in this form and any other concerns you may have we strongly recommend you obtain independent advice through a building inspection, a lawyer, a lawer and a financial advisor.

(Video) Inside a £5,495,000 Luxury Covent Garden Penthouse interior designed by Elle Decor

Form R7 Warning notice

Financial and investment advice
Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994 section 24B ]
Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Regulations 2010 regulation 21

A land agent or sales representative who provides financial or investment advice to you in connection with the sale or purchase of land or a business is obliged to tell you the following —

You should assess the suitability of any purchase of the land or business in light of your own needs and circumstances by seeking independent financial and legal advice.


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