SparklightTV - Quick Start Guide (2022)

SparklightTV - Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Before attempting any of the content in this “How-To Guide”, first:

  • Have an active Sparklight Internet service AND an active e-mail address.

  • Purchase a streaming device of your choice. We recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  • Have your WiFi username and password at hand to connect your device to WiFi.

  • Set up an Amazon, Apple ID, or Google Play account based on which device you are using.

  • Subscribe to Sparklight TV service by contacting Sparklight at 877-692-2253

  • Set up your username and password through the Sparklight TV activation email.

  • Download SparklightTV App and log in to SparklightTV on the device of your choice.

SparklightTV Recommended Devices

Streaming Media Players

Amazon® Devices
Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote*
Amazon Fire TV 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote*
All-new Fire TV Cube, hands-free with Alexa built-in, 4K Ultra HD

Android® TV Devices
Original Xiaomi Mi Box - 4K Ultra HDR TV Streaming Media Player*
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Gaming Edition - 4K HDR Streaming Media Player*

Apple® TV Devices
Apple TV 4K - 64GB*
Apple TV - 32GB (4th Generation)*

*Sparklight Recommended Devices


Smartphones / Tablets running Android 7.0 or higher.

Apple devices running iOS 10 or higher.

Smart TV’s

Amazon Fire TV Edition - NEW
A new breed of 4K TV's with Amazon Fire TV embedded as the operating system brings the ultimate experience for those invested into the Amazon ecosystem.


Android TV-
A growing number of Smart TV's from some of the world's most notable manufacturers are using Android TV as the operating system. Android TV manufacturers include:




Sparklight TV is accessible via popular browsers across a variety of platforms at


Windows PC


· Chrome

· Chrome

·Edge/Internet Explorer

·Edge/Internet Explorer




· Android - Chrome

· iOS - Chrome, Safari

Sparklight is not endorsed by or affiliated with Apple®, Amazon®, Android®, or Google®, and all trademarks are those of their respective owners. As an Amazon Associate Sparklight earn from qualifying purchases.

Initial Setup

Download the SparklightTV App on a streaming or mobile device, you can download the SparklightTV app from your devices’ App Store.

Once you are in the App Store, search for “SparklightTV” and select “download.” After the app is installed, you’ll be able to see it on your device.

Sign in to the app with your username and password.

  • Your username is the email address you provided when signing up for your SparklightTV service.

  • Your password is what you entered in the SparklightTV activation email.

  • Note:

Create aProfile

  • Enter a name and choose an avatar (an icon or figure representing you)

  • You can set up additional profiles for up to four users.

Main Menu Navigation

To access the Main Menu, select Menu, Back or Home button depending on your remote.

The Main Menu has immediate options:

  • Guide: The traditional channel listing allows for browsing both forward and backward in time to see what’s on and upcoming.

  • Shows & Movies: Browse live, upcoming, and recently aired shows and movies by categories such as “What’s on Now,” “Action,” “Drama,” etc.

  • Profile Settings: Manage settings such as DVR Recordings, Parental Controls, User Profiles, Sign out, and other information here.

  • Search: Explore live, upcoming, recorded, and Replay content across the entire app.


Your Recently Watched list is located below the Main Menu. This is equivalent to the LAST button on a standard cable remote. This feature is a history of the last 15 channels and programs watched.

How to access recently watch from then Main Menu:

  • Apple TV: Swipe down on the touchpad.

  • Amazon Fire & Android: Press the Down directional button.

From the Main Menu, arrow down, a pop-up panel will appear which gives you the option to “Watch Recently Aired Programs.”


The Search feature is accessed in the Main Menu. You can search for title, channel name, or channel number in the search bar. Navigate the cursor to each letter and press Select on the remote. SparklightTV will start recommending search results after a few letters are selected. Navigate to the results and press Select on the remote to access the desired content.

SparklightTV will search for the request and deliver results across all your subscribed channels Including:

  • Live TV

  • Upcoming Live TV

  • Restart TV

  • DVR Recordings

Please Note: Certain devices like Apple TV 4th Generation or the Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Generation may allow for voice search capability through the manufacturers’ remote.


The Settings menu is where to find Profiles, Manage Recordings, update Parental Controls, Sign out, and other device-specific information. Go to the Main Menu and navigate to the right. Press Select on the Settings icon.


Series Recordings, as well as Individually Scheduled Recordings you set, can be found under Recordings. Select any series to view Recording Options and Manage or Cancel Recordings. From here, you can play the show, view detailed info, and delete. You may also view future episodes that are set to record. See detailed info for each show, extend a particular recording time, and cancel the series recording.

Recording Options: Allow selection of episodes that are only new, or new plus reruns, it also lets you select the channel, and allows you to add any extra time to the end of the recording. Series Info: This brings up more information for the series and an overview with some additional browsing options.


Create up to four different profiles for various members of the household. SparklightTV will capture the individualized watch history for each profile and offer personalized recommendations based on content viewed. SparklightTV profiles work similarly to Netflix® profiles, where upon opening the SparklightTV app, you can choose which profile to watch. To set up profiles, bring up the Main Menu and the Settings Icon


To restrict available content by ratings on SparklightTV, activate Parental Controls. Parental Controls constrain full view access to content rated R, TVMA, or NC17 unless a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is entered. Full access to the content resumes after entering the correct PIN.

  • The Parental Controls setting is either enabled or disabled and is accessed through the Profile Settings in the Main Menu
  • At first access, the user will be asked to create a 4-digit PIN.
  • This PIN will be used to restrict access to the Parental Controls and mature content.
  • You can also change or reset your PIN from this menu.


The traditional channel listing allows for browsing both forward and backward in time to see what’s on and upcoming.

When a live program is highlighted, press the Select button once for a brief show description. If the show is currently airing, a live sample will display to the right for a sneak peek. Inside the Quick View you can also set recordings, as well as go to the full show or movie details page. Navigating to the left of the guide screen past “On Now,” a pop-up overlay appears for Replay TV.


The Shows and Movies sections are organized in a picture tile display for easy viewing. Episodes, series, and content are organized into horizontally scrolling rows according to show type or genre.

These include:

Once a TV Show is selected, press the Select button on the remote to see more options & info. Select Movies and press “Browse All” in the upper right corner. Press Select to see more options regarding the content. If the movie has not yet aired, you can set it to record from this screen.

Live TV


SparklightTV allows for regular channel surfing by moving up or down to the adjacent channels and browse future and past programming by using the right and left directional controls.

  • Apple TV: Swipe right/left/up/down.
  • Android TV & Amazon Fire: Press right/left/up/down directional controls


Once a channel begins to play, you can pause live content with your remote for up to 60 minutes. After 60 minutes of pause time, the channel will automatically play whatever is currently live.


After four hours of consistent viewing on the same channel with no remote control activity, SparklightTV will ask you to press any button on the remote to continue broadcasting content. If you do not press a button on the remote after inactivity, the screen will revert to the home screen of the device.


SparklightTV offers FREE HD content with your Fidelity Communications service. If we receive the channel in HD, we broadcast it in HD. No extra channels, costs, or hassles.

Restart TV
SparklightTV also offers the ability to Restart a program while in progress. When changing to a live program that has already started, a small pop-up may appear near the bottom of the screen that reads, “Play from the beginning?”.

Click Select button on the remote to be taken to the beginning start time of the program.

The Restart pop-up message only appears for around five seconds. If you miss the pop-up, press the Select button on your Amazon remote or swipe down for the Apple remote while watching Live TV. This will bring up Restart, Record, and other options. Navigate to Restart using the remote and press “OK” to restart the program. You can also press select or rewind and navigate backwards.

Please Note: If there is not a pop-up or an option to Restart from the program options, then that content is restricted for Restart and/or Restart TV by the channel provider.

Replay TV
Replay TV allows access up to 72 hours of already-played programming, depending on the availability and permissions from each content provider.*

To access Replay TV, select the Guide from the main menu then navigate left or backwards in time past the “On Now” column.

Programs are arranged in reverse chronological order from right to left. The most recently aired program will be the first image seen. Navigate to the left for older channel content.

To Navigate To Different Channels Within Replay Screen:

  • Apple TV: Swipe up/down on the touch
  • Android TV, & Amazon Fire: Press up/down on the Ring to see all content available from the other

*Please Note: Each network, series, and channel has different rules as to what can be viewed and how. If a channel or program is not offered in the Replay TV section then either the program is beyond the Replay TV window for that channel, the network itself does not allow Replay TV, or the content provider has restricted Replay TV content. Some networks only allow for 24 hours of Replay TV content, and some have restricted certain shows.

Cloud DVR

A Digital Video Recorder, (DVR), allows you to watch your favorite shows at your convenience. There are no limits to the number of programs that can be recorded simultaneously, only the number of hours allowed with your package. DVR storage is shared across all profiles. Once a show is recorded, it is accessible by everyone on the account at home.


  • From a live program: Press the Select or OK button, or swipe depending on your This will bring up a screen overlay with several options. Navigate to the Rec option and select it.
  • From the Guide or when Browsing: Select the program you wish to record when browsing the Guide, Search, Shows & Movies. This will bring up detailed information about that program including some options. You should see a Record option, select this option to start the recording.

The next step provides a choice of which Episodes you wish to record, plus a list of channels on which the program will air. The series and other recordings may be managed under Settings. Hour usage can be viewed in the upper right corner.


Access Settings from the Main Menu, select Manage Recordings to view, edit, and delete your recorded programs and series.


All the recorded programs that are ready to watch on your device will be displayed in this section from most recent to oldest. To play a show, go to the title, select View Recordings to see all the recordings of that particular program. Select a recording and then select Play.

Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning (CC) provides a text overlay for all programming that provides the service.


  • Apple TV: Swipe down in the touch surface area of the remote while watching live. This brings up the media player controls on an overlay at the top of the screen. Navigate to the CC option in the overlay screen. Click CC to toggle it on or off.
  • Android TV & Amazon Fire TV (and Stick): Click the Select button while watching live. This brings up the media player controls on an overlay screen at the bottom. Navigate to the CC option and press the Select button to toggle it on or off.


Call Sparklight Technical Support at 877-692-2253 or go to our webpage:

  • Sparklight_TV-Start-Guide-online.pdf

    2 MB Download

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