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First, we should define the differences between the gas line and pipe installation services and gas installation services. While most gas line and gas pipe installation services and gas installation service providers may go by either of these names and offer similar services there can sometimes be an important distinction. In some regions or cases, gas line and pipe installation services are focused or limited to the exterior (outside) gas line and pipe installations, up to the point of the customer meter (usually outside the home or office), and not licensed to work inside the house. For that, a general contractor, or other types of service is needed. That may, in some cases, be the domain of gas installation services as well.Alternatively, in some cases, gas installation services cover a broad range of gas line installations – external and internal – while gas line and pipe installation services may only be external.

In all cases, consumers should check with the companies they are considering for a gas line and pipe installation job to ensure they are qualified to do the work that the consumer needs. Checking with your gas provider is also recommended, as there may be restrictions on what work third parties can do in your area (we’ll talk about this in a bit more detail in the Choosing the Right Company section later in this article).

Gas line and pipe installation services and gas installation services perform several essential tasks related to natural gas pipes and lines. As discussed in the previous section, they may work outside of the house (up to the point of the service meter), inside the home (from the meter through to the “outlets” for the gas in the house), or both, depending on the type of gas installation services company and local regulations. For this section, we’ll include all the gas installation services that these service companies may undertake – both external and internal to the homes and offices. Typical gas installation services include:

In some cases, gas line and pipe installation services or gas installation services may close the gas supply to the house. They may do this themselves or after consultation with the local gas supply company. That can be triggered by the consumer and sometimes organized by the gas company.

If the gas must be shut off for a while, you may need to re-light your pilot lights in water heaters and other devices upon restoration of service. In many cases, the gas line and pipe installation services or gas installation services company can do this for you. Alternatively, in some jurisdictions, it is required that the gas company themselves perform these tasks, for insurance and liability reasons. Again, be sure to ask and check with your local gas company and installation service company to ensure you are clear on whose responsibility this is, and who will take care of it.

The simple fact is that gas work should always be left to professionals because gas is dangerous. It is combustible, and can quickly ignite from sparks, open flames – even static electricity. Gas line and pipe installation services and gas installation services are well-trained and take all required safety precautions to make sure that any gas line installation is completed without risk of explosion or injury – to themselves or the consumer or the consumer’s home or office. Also, the equipment used is often highly specialized and may involve heavy equipment (such as trenching) that requires special operator certifications. So, for these reasons, in all cases, consumers should leave any work on gas lines and gas service – even reigniting pilot lights – to the professionals. In some locales, it’s mandatory – you can be charged with a crime for attempting to do gas work on your own. So, don’t do it!

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Choosing the right gas line and pipe installation services or gas installation services companies for your gas installation project can sometimes be difficult. After all, people do not tend to undertake these kinds of tasks on a regular basis, so you may have no frame of reference to judge the quality and services of prospective companies. Below we’ve highlighted some key areas and questions below, that consumers can use to evaluate gas line and pipe installation services and gas installation services firms on an apples-to-apples basis, to find the best firm for their project.

It is also worth noting, as we’ve mentioned previously in this article that in many jurisdictions there are rules and regulations as to what private companies can do on gas lines. Gas line and pipe installation services and gas installation services may be contractually limited to the type of work they can do, and the gas service provider/gas company may be required to do the job or be involved in the project. In all cases, consumers are advised to first check with their gas supply company to understand what the limitations or restrictions on gas line service work are in their area.

In summary, gas line and pipe installation services and gas installation services companies offer many services related to installing and expanding natural gas service to homes and offices. Their work may be limited to outdoor work, indoor work, or both. In many cases, there are restrictions on what they can do versus what a local gas service provider is required to do. Nevertheless, these tasks should be undertaken by professionals, as working with natural gas and piping can be dangerous. With careful consideration and a little research, consumers can find a quality gas line and pipe installation service or gas installation service provider to meet their project needs and have the gas installation project completed quickly and safely.

Smellleaking gas?Never fear though. Shut off the gas valve. After that, call a gas leak detection services company or a gas line and pipe repair services company. They can help find where the leak is coming from, and perform the necessary repairs and replacements of valves, pipes, and parts. In no time, you’ll be back to having your gas service workreliably and safely!

In this article, we’ll talk about the differences between gas line and pipe repair services and gas leak detection services, look at leak detection methods and information. As well as the type of repair services that these companies offer and provide some caution and information about why consumers must leave these tasks up to the professionals from the gas line and pipe repair services, gas leak detection services, and their local gas service provider.

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One of the aspects of this topic that needs to be addressed right at the top is to define the difference between the gas line and pipe repair services and gas leak detection services. Gas leak detection services usually specialize only in identifying and locating leaks in natural gas pipelines – whether inside the home, in the service from the street to the customer’s meter, or in outdoor extension lines on customer property. On the other hand, gas line and pipe repair services companies usually may perform gas leak detection. Many do, though some do not. They all, however, excavate, repair, and replace leaking or broken gas lines – again, on the customer property, in their homes, or both.

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If there is any doubt about what services a gas line and pipe repair services company or gas leak detection services company provides, usually their website offer information to help clarify these points. Alternatively, giving them a call can generally sort out what they do. In a real emergency, however, when you smell gas, turn the gas off from the main shutoff switch, evacuate the area, and call your gas service provider first and foremost. Safety first is the best policy.


When you need a leak located in a gas line – whether outdoors in the primary service to a home or office, or post-customer meter, inside the house, gas leak detection services are the experts to call. Natural gas is naturally odorless and colorless – the smell we associated with it is an artificially-added chemical, that is intentionally foul, to alert you to the fact that gas is flowing – whether out of an appliance prior to ignition (like a gas stove) or out of a leak or broken pipe (which is an emergency). Gas leak detection services do not solely rely on their nose and this artificial chemical, though. They have advanced electronic equipment which can sniff out the concentration of gas particles and hone in on the source. Alternatively, if the gas leak source can still not be found, sometimes they use artificial colorants or gases injected into the line, which will leave a visible trail wherever the leak is coming from, though this is almost a last resort that is not needed in 99% of cases. The electronic “sniffers” are quite sophisticated and accurate.

It may be more difficult for gas leak detection services to find a leak in a buried line or pipe outside, and naturally, they don’t want to have to rip up your whole front yard! However, outdoor gas leaks tend to be “safer” than gas leaks indoors, as there is far less chance of spontaneous ignition or risk to human life. Usually, in both cases, gas leak detection services will work with the local gas service provider, to ensure safety and shut off the gas as soon as possible after locating the leak. If it is too risky to leave gas service active for leak detection, that is when they will often use artificially injected tracers in the line to find the gas leak.

Detecting and locating the gas leak in the home, and then remediating the problem, may require removing drywall, flooring, or other elements in the house. Gas leaks on the outside likely involve excavation of some portion of the gas line trench location, either by hand (for safety) or with heavy equipment (if the gas has been turned off). While outdoor excavation will often be backfilled by the gas line and pipe repair services company after a repair has been completed, indoor drywall and other finishing work will need to be replaced by a general contractor in almost all cases.


Once a gas leak detection service or the gas company has located the leak, the pipe, valve, or other equipment that is leaking will need to be replaced. That is under the purview of gas lines and pipe repair services companies. These companies often work on the outside, the inside of a home, or both, depending upon specialty and local regulations. In some cases, they may also do the gas leak detecting. They may have to do the initial excavation or removal of home drywall or similar – it depends on the gas leak detection services’ role and regulations in the area. In some cases, leak detections will merely pinpoint the area of an outdoor trench or an indoor gas line, and not expose it themselves.

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Regardless, once the broken or damaged line is exposed, the gas line and pipe repair services will use appropriate techniques to repair it. That may include cutting the gas pipe or line and adding a new piece in its place, patching a leak or break in a tube, or replacing the entire run of gas piping or line. The latter may be warranted if the gas leak or break is due to age or corrosion, which will usually necessitate further inspection work by the gas line and pipe repair services. If one area of the pipe is broken or corroded, it is likely others will be as well, absent some specific root cause that would affect only one area of the gas tube.

In the case of leaking or faulty valves or equipment, gas line and pipe repair services will merely replace the equipment. It is usually the best-case scenario, as it is far less complicated (and costly) to replace a leaky valve, a customer meter, or similar piece of equipment than to dig up a yard and install new piping, or to rip out drywall to install new gas lines in the home.


As natural gas is extremely dangerous, any type of leaks should be taken seriously. Likewise, gas leak detection services or your local gas service provider should be the ones who locate the gas leak. Leaking natural gas is a significant hazard, as it can combust at low concentrations – that’s what it is designed to do, be a combustible fuel gas. Therefore, any leaks should be treated as emergencies, the area immediately vacated, and the gas company called to shut off service. Then, you can call a gas leak detection service and find where the leak is coming from, and a gas line and pipe repair service (if needed) to repair the leak and get everything back to working order. In no cases, consumers should not attempt to locate the gas leak or make a repair themselves. Just shut off the gas at the source and get out of the area into fresh air immediately, for your health and safety.


Leaking pipe of any kind is always an unpleasant problem, especially a gas leak. However, gas leaks can happen. When a gas leak occurs, after getting to safety and shutting off the gas, the services of gas leak detection services can be used to find where the gas leak is coming from and reveal the scope of the damage. Then, gas line and pipe repair services can get to work fixing the problem, using one of the several means of gas line repair they have at their disposal. These professionals can work with your gas service provider to ensure the job done safely and get your gas service restored back to working order safely and quickly.


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