Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (2023)

Craig Robinson might not be a series regular forBrooklyn 99 but mention his name within earshot of a fan of the cop-comedy and they'll be sure to know who you're talking about - Doug Judy a.k.a. The Pontiac Bandit.


Introduced in season 1 (and returning for a single episode every season) is Jake Peralta's worst-enemy turned best-friend, Doug Judy, a man who Jake has been chasing for 8 years. For the first couple of years, Jake and Judy were the Superman and Lex Luthor of Brooklyn as Jake continuously caught Judy only to have him slip away and escape. But in later seasons, the two have become best of friends and have pulled off some of the series best episodes.


The Cruise, Season 3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (1)

To start off, all of the Doug Judy episodes are hilarious. That said, this episode could have been thought out a little bit more when it comes to the premise - Doug Judy is working on a cruise ship as a singer/entertainer and thinks somebody has stowed away on board to kill him, so he anonymously sends Jake two free tickets to the cruise and recruits him to be his bodyguard once on board the ship. There are so many problems with that premise, but hey, that's a sitcom for you. It gets even worse when Judy immediately starts acting like he and Jake are best friends when he'd spent the last two years escaping from Jake's clutches. It's more fun to watch nowadays, but when this episode came out it was a head-scratcher.

A Tale Of Two Bandits, Season 6

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (2)

Doug Judy can't be dead! Of course he isn't, but that was the premise they were going with at the start of the episode. When Jake partnered up with Terry (instead of the usual Rosa) to stop a car thief who was using Doug Judy's method of jacking cars, they quickly find out that the thief can't be Doug Judy since he has passed away.

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At the funeral, Jake spots the live-and-well Doug Judy and they discuss how Judy had to fake his death because a crime-lord thinks Judy stole one of his most valued cars. Jake and Doug end up teaming up to catch the Pontiac-Bandit Copy-Cat and discover that it's Doug's little sister Trudy Judy, who makes a deal with the 99 to reduce her charges and then outsmarts them and escapes. Funny episode, but Trudy's double-cross could be seen a mile away.

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Pontiac Bandit, Season 1

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (3)

Before he was Doug Judy, he was only known to the precinct as The Pontiac Bandit, a man who was responsible for jacking over 200 cars in the past 8 years (all of them Pontiacs). When Rosa brings in a man suspected of identity theft named Doug Judy, he tells Rosa to get Peralta and tell him that he has information on a man that steals Pontiacs. Jake immediately takes the bait and has Judy set-up a meeting with the supposed Pontiac Bandit, but things go wrong when the Bandit doesn't show up and sends a lackey instead. The lackey doesn't trust Jake and Rosa so he leaves, but they get one last chance to catch the Bandit by having Judy set up a meeting alone with him. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse when Judy heads to the meeting and ends up dodging Jake and Rosa - and revealing that he was the Pontiac Bandit all along.

The Fugitive Part 2, Season 4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (4)

The second half of a two-part episode in the middle of season 4 had Jake and Judy truly teaming up for the first time in order to bring down Judy's foster brother, George. The previous episode saw the entire 99th precinct in a nine-person manhunt when a police van carrying several criminals crashed - they found eight out of the nine but one escaped and that one happened to be (surprise, surprise) George Judy.

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Jake seeks out Doug for help finding George and bringing him to justice (Doug hates George due to the fact that he stole several thousand dollars from his mother and burned their house down) in exchange for total immunity. The duo, along with a less-than-ecstatic Captain Holt, track George down, only to have Doug outwit Jake once again and escape with his brother. Jake and Holt find the Judy brothers and get taken captive and held at gunpoint, only for Doug to triple-cross his brother and save the day and gain his immunity.

The Pontiac Bandit Returns, Season 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (5)

What exactly is GigglePig? While the 99 never fully explained what drug they were looking for in the first half of the second season, it was clear from the get-go that all of their careers depended on bringing down the main GigglePig supplier in Brooklyn. That's why it was such a stroke of luck when Jake and Rosa ran into their old friend, Doug Judy, who immediately offered up information on the main GigglePig supplier in Brooklyn upon being arrested. He, Jake, and Rosa set up a meeting with the supplier, Tito, after the trio jack a car for him. Tito shows the group his entire operation but before Jake and Rosa can make a move on him, Judy makes his own move in order to escape. Jake makes the right moral call and takes down Tito and the GigglePig operation, but he loses Judy for the second time in the process.

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The Takeback, Season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (6)

"This summer there are take-backs." The most recent Doug Judy episode was one of the best of the entire series as it found Jake accompanying Judy and his criminal friends to Miami for Judy's bachelor party. Unfortunately (as criminals do) Judy's friends steal several million dollars worth of diamonds from a rich guest staying at the same hotel they are and Jake immediately jumps into action and tries to arrest them.

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Judy begs Jake not to arrest his friends and instead offers up the idea of a "reverse heist" where they put the stolen diamonds back without anybody knowing they were ever gone in the first place. They carry out the plan (with the help of Doug's little sister, Trudy Judy) but Jake betrays Doug and still calls the cops on his friends. Doug seems angry at first, but then reveals in a twist that he planned on Jake arresting his friends all along (his fiance doesn't want them at the wedding) and proceeds to ask Jake to be his best man.

The Negotiation, Season 5

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Doug Judy Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best (7)
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Jake was really hoping that Doug Judy would go straight after he got total immunity in season 4 and he was quickly let down when Judy turned up in season 5 as a diamond thief. It all turned out to be circumstantial and Judy was only doing it because of a debt he owed to a former drug-lord, but he called in Jake as a hostage negotiator in order to recruit his help in paying off the drug-lord. Jake agrees to help Judy (because the drug-lord is threatening to kill Judy's mom) and the two of them escape with the stolen diamonds in order to use them as bait to catch the drug-lord. The plan hits some bumps but Jake still ends up catching the drug-lord... only to lose Judy and the diamonds. However, Judy does redeems himself by returning the diamonds to Jake in the end of the episode.

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Here's our ranking of the funniest episodes.
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Oct 11, 2022

What episode is Doug Judy in? ›

Pontiac Bandit

What episode does Doug Judy get caught? ›

In this episode, Doug Judy is arrested for his crimes in another state and Jake agrees to transfer him to the prison so they can have one last fun time together before his incarceration.
PB & J (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
"PB & J"
Episode no.Season 8 Episode 5
Directed byGail Mancuso
Written byLamar Woods & Jeff Topolski
13 more rows

Who is Doug Judy's wife? ›

Katherine Joyner is Doug Judy's Wife.

Who is the best duo in Brooklyn 99? ›

The "toitest" duo on the groundbreaking detective sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), have numerous moments that inspire the strongest feeling of camaraderie and love! They are as close as two modern men can possibly be; the best part of all, they're proud of it.

What is the highest rated episode of any TV show? ›

1 'Breaking Bad': "Ozymandias" (2013) - 10.0.


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