Bandit Lures Crankbaits Series 100 200 & 300 (2023)

Comments: Although I have my favorite few colors, I've YET to have a color that doesn't catch fish. They are inexpensive even when not on sale, durable, run true and catch fish like crazy. I upsize the rear treble with a Gamy and good to go. Root beer/Chartreuse, Mistake and Splatterback are favorites but I love an craw color, I mean really any color works if you present em right. I first learned the power of these in 300 some years ago in Canada catching everything from Huge perch and Crappie to Bass, Pike, Walleye and Musky.

From: Jamie: IN 3/10/23

Comments: I own a bunch of these. I've caught most of my quality crankbait bass on the Bandit 100 firetiger. I mostly fish in a lake that has a heavy stain. I always change hooks and rings but they do come with decent hooks if you choose not to. I have many other crank bait but bandit is my #1 hands down.

From: jeff: Poplar Bluff, Mo 1/3/23

Comments: These are bass catchers! I see zero difference in action, and fish catching power between the old ones and the more current versions. The current eye style has no influence on how effective these baits are, they work great. The 100 is such a great bait around rocks and shallow wood. The 200 is my choice as compact mid depth bait. Great colors too!

From: Sir Finesse: 12/19/22

Comments: These baits track great, nice rattles and color choices are nice but I just don't have luck with them.

From: Cory: Nebraska 11/18/22

Comments: I've yet to find a color that doesn't catch fish. All sizes, all colors these things just flat-out work.

From: Unknown: 10/2/22

Comments: Ever since they changed the eye paint job I stop buying them the new one just messed up, the style of the eye is what makes them look old school.

From: Unknown: 11/12/21

Comments: They are great old school crankbait but I stop buying them because they messed up the paint job especially the eyes that what make them unique, seriously Bandit needs some quality control

From: Unknown: 9/21/21

Comments:I have a 300 series and its been used abused and still keeps working. I've caught striper and bass both this it and it still held up

From: Unknown: 3/2/20

Comments:These baits really are awesome! The price is right, the VAST majority run true out of the package, incredible color selection, hooks are decent although stepping rear treble up to a 1 size bigger Gamakatsu doesnt hurt, and THEY CATCH FISH!!! If only they made an extra deep diver, 15-20ft, they'd have the whole spectrum covered.

From: Jamie - 2/13/19

Comments:Bandits have been around forever for a reason. I'm personally not a fan of the 200 and 300, but that's just becuse I like larger medium and deep diving crankbaits. The 100 works all year around laydowns, stumps, riprap, and chunk rock. Best colors are Chartreuse Shad, Pearl Splatterback, Spring Craw Yellow, Spring Craw Red, and Chartreuse Black Back.

From: Daren:Western KY 4/14/18

Comments:Had the chartreuse blue back in 100 size for years and finally threw it this year, best decision of my life! I gained so much confidence in squarebills and other crankbaits. This is a monster for any species and it works great when trolling around too

From: Albert:Upstate SC3/26/18

Comments:Went to a local lake and caught the crap out of some fish love this bait I will be buying more comes over trees and stumps all that stuff you need this bait in your box

From: Gavin 2/22/18

Comments: These don't cast far at all compared to any other 3/8 oz bait. I'm glad they're cheap

From: Cody: Worcester MA 10/25/17

Comments: Good crankbaits for a decent price. I'd recommend swapping the hooks, as they don't have that supersharp "grab" to them that gamas or owners do, but otherwise no complaints.

From: Scott: VA 10/16/17

Comments:Hot Chocolate is back! Fish tidal rivers and the marsh? Fish this color. I think this color mimics a fiddler crab very well. It provides excellent contrast in all levels of water clarity. Thanks, Bandit and Tackle Warehouse! My stock was getting low!

From: Bowfin Luvr: Da Crooked Letter 5/30/17

Comments:I love this crank! I use the 200 Metal Flake Shad in clear water and its amazing. It looks great underwater, easy to cast on a bait caster, swims nice. I was using this crank in a decently clear pond and first cast caught a 5lb bass on it. Overall great crank and not to expensive

From: Unknown FL 5/8/17

Comments:Used the 100 series in a recent tournamen, fish were choking it. Used it all day fishing laydowns in a creek of the mainriver. Pretty skinny water with lots of wood, and I got hung up maybe 10 times. Definatly would recomend for any type of cover, no casting problems or losing fish problems either.

From: Micah - Richmond, VA 3/13/17

Comments:Great bait is a real killer in the spring and fall when the water is below 50 degrees.

From:Unknown: 1/10/17

Comments:I've never used a better bait! I wouldn't catch any fish for about 4 hours & I would decide to tie on a bandit 100 in natural goby or red spring craw. I've got strike kings, lucky strikes, bombers, Storm arashis ect, but the bandit is by far my number one. The 100 is great for a squarebill. Bandit makes a separate squarebill & it's nice but I want a little bit deeper than 1' & less. With a 100 you can go from 2'-5'. It's the perfect depth for the ponds I'm fishing in

From: Zach: Sheridan, IN 1/30/16

Comments:this crank is rad! just got home from a colorado river trip where this little monster is responsible for 32 smallmouth. but one thing I need to admit is they heli on cast probably 80%. burn and bump.

From: Clint: Diamond Valley, CA 8/1/15

Comments:Tie on a Bandit 300 in Brown Craw Orange Belly and you will catch fish. Make sure you are touching bottom, I like to throw this bait around lay downs, it does an awesome job of not getting hung up, you can bring this little bait through any type of cover. If I cant get bit on a jig and I know that the fish are there, then I will pick this thing up and start banging it off of trees, the bass cant stand, they will choke on this bait.

From: Dakota: USA 3/20/15

Comments:Love this lure kill the largemouth at one of my local lakes my favorite color is chartreuse blue back.

From:Garon: KY

Comments:Really great lure, the 100 series is my favorite for shallow waters, TW needs to get more colors for stained water with this bait though. Bandit makes some great chartreuse colors that work great in dirty water.

From: Chris: NY

Comments: Great bait for Ohio, killing them on the 300 series!

From: Nick: OH

Comments:I caught a massive bluegill on the sunperch 200 and a 2lb largemouth the second day,this is killer!

Comments:The 100 is my least productive and I find myself going to KVD 1.0 / 1.5 or Big-O 's. The 200 is amazing...sit in about 12 ft and cast as long as possible along the shore. Crank slow w/ frequent stops until it no longer contacts bottom, then speed it up with several stops and twitches back to the boat. Smallies will come up from 10ft to hit it. The 300 is my fave .... I've ground the lip off of too many to count. Work it the same as the 200 only slower and on 8# line. It's one of the best cold water cranks in my on fall smallies down to about 45 degree water. One word of advice.... get a 'quality' lure knocker, like one from These will bury in the rocks a lot.... I get 95 out of 100 back with that retriever. Get the heavy one.

From: Gerry: Farmington, PA

Comments: my personal best largemouth on the 300 series bouncing it of rocks. Seems to stand up very well to the abuse. Great value for the money. I like a Bandit in the spring, but a bigger bodied crank in the fall to match the size of the baitfish. Can't beat the price.

From: Rob: Westfield, TN

Comments:Out of all the crankbaits that I use, the Bandit 100 series is by far my favorite and most successful crankbait. When the bite is tough I can always land it with a bandit. Buy some of these and GET CRANKY!

From: Mike: Columbus, KS

Comments:These are some awesome cranks. Firetiger works awesome in the ca delta where I fish. When the crankbait bite was on, they smashed this crank. Caught myself bass, stripers, bluegills, redears, warmouths and even once a pike minnow on one of these cranks in the 100 series. These crank work, get yourself a few.

From: FireTiger: California Delta

Comments:I absoulutly love this crankbait its effective, easy to use, and mst of all its cheap. Bought 3 of them last year and unfortunatly im down to my last one so I going to buy 5 or 6 more. THANK YOU BANDIT!!!

Comments: The Bandit Series 100 (2-5 ft), 200 (5-8 ft),and 300 (8-12 ft) are staple weapons in my crank arsenal. I successfully use them in both slow and fast presentations. I generally alternate between the Bandits and the Rapala DT 4, 6, and 10, to see which type lure the bass prefer, plastic with rattles or quieter balsa wood. Because each Bandit and Rapala DT dives to a predictable depth, it is fast and easy to probe the entire water column I regularly fish using two cranking rods.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments:I was so hesitant on buying this crankbait, but I am so glad that i finally bought it. they have so many colors and it is cheaper than most cranks out there, except for those absolutely crappy ones. The 200 size in orange belly craw is so good where I live. You should definitely buy one and DONT BE HESITANT!!!!!!

Comments: So many crankbaits are over priced. i love rapalas but i have to say the can break easily. these are greatly priced and WORK.

From: JP: St. Peters, MO

Comments:I, like most cranbait fisherman, have spent far too much on some crankbaits. The bandit 100, 200, and 300 series crankbaits are by far the best value in the crankbait market for any bass fisherman. I have more confidence in the 200 series than any other smallmouth lure I've thrown on Lake Cumberland, KY. On eight pound test and Spirex spinning equipment, I'm always prepared to find smallies in 10 to 15 feet of water in Spring and Fall when the water temp is between 55 - 60 degrees. The swimming action of these baits is too enticing for most spotted, largemouth, and smallmouth to resist.

From: John: Lexington, KY

Comments:very best crank bait ever! i catch fish on these until there are so many memories in them they go into retirement! must have!

From: John: USA

Comments:I love these cranks. Perfect size, casts great, tons of color patterns, and less than 5 bucks. What more can you ask for?

From: Mark: Spokane, WA

Comments: best bait ever caught a 6lb smallmouth last week

Comments:It is hard to beat a Bandit. On my home lakes my favorite is the Brown Craw Org Belly in the 200 size. Super durable and run true right out of the box.

From: David: North Arkansas

Comments:My most successful crankbaits. For me it«s much better than the Rapala DT. Perhaps only Lucky Craft Flat CBD are equally successful, but also three times more expensive. Best color: Brown Craw Chart bellly. The price is amazing compared to the competition.

From: Petr: Czech Republic

Comments: This bait is my confidence lure. I have caught many fish on the 100 and 200 series bandits. Bandits are cheap and run true right out of the box. Like they say " Land it....With a Bandit"!

From: Alec: IL, USA

Comments: What a super little crankbait for the money! In this age of overpriced crankbaits Bandit proves you don't have to mortagage your house to own a great crankbait. They cast well, have a great action and have always come through for me. ***** star performance!

From: Steve: West Milford, NJ

Comments: The 100 and 200 sizes are awesome little fish catchers at the right price. If you want a 'finesse' squarebill to plow thru cover after all the other guys have beat it up with their big square bills, there you go, use a 100. If you hang it in a tree or a big mudfish eats it and takes it, you wont be too bummed out at this price point. I havent tried any size other than the 100 and 200 so I can't comment on them.

From: Meatwad: Out of town

Comments: This is by far the best crankbait to use at my hometown lake when the fish are shallow. I showed my buddy how to catch a lot of fish and a few big ones with this lure. I will definitely be buying a lot more of these. Thanks bandit for making such an awesome lure.

From: Lucas: Glasgow, KY

Comments: Great crankbait, Use this to catch river smallmouth in the series 200 Brown Orange Belly in the Sacramento River in California. Since the bait is floating I crank it down to the rocks then snap the rod violently with pauses and this triggers a reaction bite!

From: Ron: Elk Grove, CA

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