Applebee's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (2023)

Applebee's Jobs & Careers – Application, How to Apply, Requirements & Interview Tips

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If you like good food and a friendly atmosphere, this guide will help you complete the Applebee’s job application in a way sets you up great for potential employment.

Applebee’s is in the same tier of restaurant that Olive Garden is: decent food for a good price.

Since Applebee’s is a sit-down restaurant, with a small focus on takeout, most of the work is done in-house. They employee waitresses and waiters, cooks and to-go servers, bartenders and dishwashers.

They also have their own Pandora station, playing at most of their locations. Each location is slightly different because Applebee’s employs the franchise system, where individuals can pay to run their own restaurant.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to apply to Applebee’s, as well as tips on how to submit your application and make your interview go well.

Applebee's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (2)

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  • How to Apply
  • Application Tips
  • Entry Level Jobs
  • Careers in Management
  • Interview Tips
  • Interview Questions
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How to Apply for Employment at Applebee’s

Applebee’s has one of the most confusing online application processes this guide writer has ever seen. While we will still cover how to apply online, you will probably have a much easier time going directly into your local Applebee’s and asking for an application.

Application Information

  • Minimum Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 to work at most Applebee’s locations. There are some locations that allow 16 year olds, but most Applebee’s prefer you to be at least 18.
  • Hours of Operation: The earliest any Applebee’s opens is 10:30 AM. Most of them open at 11 AM, and close at midnight. Some locations are open until 1 AM on Friday and Saturday.
  • Methods to Apply: You can apply online or in the restaurant. If you go into the restaurant to apply, you’ll get a standard application form. Do not fill this form out beforehand, because it can vary from store to store.

Applying Online

The online application process for Applebee’s is complicated because they have at least three different application sites, and none of them overlap.

The first site is managed by one of their franchise companies, Apple Gold Inc., and only allows you to search for stores in a specific area. Another site is the main Applebee’s application that directs you to an entirely separate site, and the last one is just a PDF to fill out.

So, when applying online, you should start from the Applebee’s home page, scroll down, and select “Careers.” On this page you can search for nearby stores by zip code and select the position you want to apply for.

Once you actually get into the online application, it’s fairly straightforward. You create an account and enter your personal information, your desired schedule, your education, past employment, and references.

Once you input all of this information, the application will be saved and sent to the local Applebee’s you applied to. You will receive a confirmation email that it has been saved.

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Application Tips

If you need to stop working on your application to take care of something else, the website allows you to save your application and come back later to resume the process. You do this by creating an account with them, so make sure that you use a password that you will remember.

The account will be the same as your phone number, and you create a password of your choosing. If you want to receive text updates, make sure you use a valid cell phone.

You cannot save your application until after you have completed the profile section, which normally takes about 10 minutes. So, if you’re rushed, make sure you have at least 10 minutes free to work on the application.

Try to avoid putting family or friends down as references. Former bosses are of course preferred, but you might also put down a teacher, a volunteer program leader, a coach, or some other authority figures.

Should You Follow Up?

Once you have submitted your application, you can check it by going back to the website that you applied to and logging in using your phone number and password. The “My Applications” section at the top of the form will take you to a page that shows the status of all your current and past applications

If you applied in person, you can call the restaurant if you haven’t heard from them in a week. Do not be pushy, just make sure that they have the correct phone number and haven’t been trying to get ahold of you.

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Positions and Salary Information

Applebee’s is a sit-down venue, so many of the available positions are basic food service jobs. All of the non-management positions are called “Crew Members” or “Team Members,” but they each have a specific job to perform.

  • Server:Brings food to customers, take orders, deliver and refill drinks. $2.13/hr (plus tips).*
  • Bartender:Serves drinks to adult customers, mixes beverages as requested. $7/hr.
  • Host/Hostess:Manages seating arrangements, takes customers to tables. $7/hr.
  • Line Cook/Food Prep:Cooks and prepares food. $11/hr.
  • Food Expeditor:Manages food line, arranges food items together according to orders. $12/hr.
  • General Utility: Washes dishes, clears tables. $7/hr.
  • Restaurant Manager:Manages local restaurant and makes sure customers are taken care of. $14/hr.
  • General Manager: Manages one or more Applebee’s locations. Has the same duties at each location as the Restaurant Manager. $14/hr.

*Applebee’s does not list their salaries on their website. These figures are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and averages.

Best Entry-Level Positions

There are multiple entry-level positions available at Applebee’s, covering a wide range of interests. Whether you have some skill at grilling, love interacting with people, or enjoy the solitude of washing dishes, there’s a job for you.


The server is a critical element of the in-house dining experience. They focus on making sure the customer has everything they need, and deliver the food and drinks as they are prepared.

General Utility

Not the most glamorous job, but a necessary one. The General Utility worker makes sure everything is picked up and cleaned after a meal is done.

They also wipe down the tables and provide clean dishes and pans for the line cooks and servers to use.


This position is the first one that people see when they come in the door, and is crucial to the dining experience. A host/hostess must be able to keep a cheerful attitude, and maintain their cool under pressure.

Line Cook/Food Prep

Being a line cook means working with other cooks in the kitchen to prepare the requested dishes. This position has the benefit of allowing you to follow a set sequence of recipes, but also to have a bit of leeway in how you prepare the food.

Applebee’s Careers in Management

Applebee's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (4)
Applebee’s does not advertise any assistant management or shift management positions, and the two listed management positions are basically the same, just at a slightly different level.

General Manager

The General Manager maintains the flow of the restaurant, works with the employees to make sure the customers are satisfied, and deals with any dissatisfied customers. The General Manager might be running multiple restaurants, but most likely will only be focused on one.

Restaurant Manager

A Restaurant Manager interacts with customers and employees to make sure that the restaurant is running at peak function. He or she also deals with customer complaints and any employee issues.

Interview Tips

The type of interview that you’ll be facing will vary based on what position you’re applying for.

The Host/Hostess and Server positions will have a very strong focus on attitude and customer interaction.

The Line Cook, Food Prep, General Utility, Bartender and Food Expeditor positions will all focus on working quickly and well under pressure.

Make sure that you arrive early, and reserve at least an hour to complete the interview. They will ask you to fill out an assessment for most positions, but the assessment will focus primarily on your personality.

When you meet your interviewer, be sure to make eye contact and smile, especially if applying for a Server or Host/Hostess position. Ask what sort of training you will be expected to do, and when you can expect to begin if you get the job.

Take time to review the Applebee’s menu and pick out a dish that you like. There’s a good chance the interviewer will ask you to describe your favorite Applebee’s food item.

Possible Interview Questions

What Are Three Words to Describe Yourself?

This is a difficult question for some people, as it is hard to pack your whole personality into three words.

So, don’t focus on your whole personality. Instead, focus on aspects related to the job. Do people describe you as friendly, or hard-working?

If You Were to Throw a Party at Applebee’s, What Would the Theme Be?

This is a question you can have fun with, but don’t go too far. They’re looking to feel out your personality and your ability to work within the space that you’re given.

Take a moment to look around the Applebee’s location (don’t get up, just look from where you’re sitting) and point out where you would put certain decorations, where the drink locations would be, or whatever else comes to mind.

How Would You Handle a Customer That Was Tired of Waiting?

This question is primarily aimed at the Host/Hostess and Server positions, but they might ask this of any position, as a customer could grab any employee and yell at them if he or she were angry enough. Don’t get flustered, just respond calmly and refer them to the manager if necessary.

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Helpful Research for Your Applebee’s Interview

Applebee’s was founded in the 1980’s under the name “T.J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles & Elixirs,” and served basic foods and drinks to the people of Decatur, Georgia.

The original founders sold the company in 1983, and the name was changed to Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar. They put a particular emphasis on making it a casual place that people could call their own.

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It was purchased by the IHOP corporation in 2007, and now has over 3,200 locations nationwide.

In 2014, they changed their emphasis slightly, adding fresh and seasonal items to their menu. They created a partnership with Weight Watchers and have put a focus on healthy eating, something they say had been in the works for the past four years.

Did You Know?

Applebee’s claims to sell more steak than any other company in the bar and grill category, with their CEO calling it “America’s Favorite Steak.”

Their top-selling dessert is their $1 Brownie Bites.

Applebee’s calls itself a “neighborhood” restaurant and has a focus on seeming like a friendly local restaurant you and your neighbors can frequent.

They have a Carside-To-Go service where you can order your food and a Server will run it out to your car when you arrive.

What Employees Say About Working Here

Many of the complaints from the employees and ex-employees at Applebee’s are about the management, but each Applebee’s is a franchises, so management can vary wildly from one restaurant to another.

On the other hand, some employees have nothing but glowing things to say about their managers, while others claim that their managers never come out of their offices or string people along when it comes to raises.

One worker stated that if you don’t like the management at your Applebee’s, but do like the atmosphere of the restaurant itself, then apply for a job at a different location.

Most workers do say that they enjoyed the other employees, with at least three different people saying that their fellow employees were the reason they stayed with the job. They also like the fact that the job changes from day to day, with each day bringing new and interesting customers and different specialized orders.

It is a food service job, and as such it is very fast-paced. Many of the employees say that they enjoy the fast-paced work, but would not recommend it to anyone who gets stressed out easily.

On the other hand, some employees reported that there are nights that it is so slow, they barely make any tips, and often have to pick up extra shifts to make ends meet.

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