10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (2023)

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (1)

In your wrestling career, a wrestling camp will make a significant difference. Attending a wrestling camp is one thing; selecting the best is quite another. Choosing the best wrestling camps for high school is a great way for you to improve your abilities.

It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities to college coaches. When you ask a college coach how student-athletes should prepare for college wrestling, they will advise you to compete.

There are numerous wrestling camps to select from, and each will be arranged differently according to their ranks in this article. Understanding your skill level and the sort of coaching or training you require is the first step in determining what would work best for you.

Table of contents

  • What To Expect at a Wrestling Camp
  • How to choose a Wrestling Camp
  • Types of Wrestling Camps
    • 10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School
    • #1 High Altitude Wrestling Camps
    • #2 Montana Intensive Wrestling Camps
    • #3 Thorn Wrestling Camps
    • #4 JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps
    • #5 Iowa Wrestling Camps
    • #6 Troy Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps
    • #7 Bulltrained Wrestling Summer Camps
    • #8 Purler Wrestling Camps
    • #9 Cardinal Wrestling Camp
    • #10 North Carolina Wrestling Factory
  • Conclusion
  • References

What To Expect at a Wrestling Camp

The best wrestling camps for high school students help you mature and offer you life lessons. Wrestling camps provide excellent life skills in areas such as responsibility, hard effort, and even health and fitness.

Most importantly, you’ll have a blast at wrestling camps and create lifelong memories. Here are some things to look forward to at a wrestling camp:

Building Confidence – Camps can help you get a head start on the season ahead. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for a competitive advantage, the skills you’ll learn at camp will be beneficial. In fact, attending a camp might sometimes be enough to give you a boost both athletically and socially.

Improve Wrestling Skills – The best wrestling camps for high school will assist you in learning and honing your talents in the sport. While some camps teach a large number of “moves,” this might lead to the wrestler forgetting everything.
Through drill and real wrestling, you will discover a progression method that will help you learn and maintain skills as well as ways to apply them.

Burn Summer Energy – The days in the summer may be quite lengthy. Wrestling camp is a fantastic way to expend energy, and starting with the best is a wonderful place to start.

Have Fun – Wrestling is a sport that is both rewarding and enjoyable. You’ll make new friends and develop a particular relationship with those who exercise together.

Physical Fitness – Wrestling demands a high level of athleticism, unlike any other sport. Wrestling increases balance, reflexes, strength, endurance, and agility in wrestlers who aren’t “natural athletes.”
Wrestlers are often exceptionally slender and powerful for their size. The body fat and hydration tests that are required at the scholastic and collegiate levels add to a wrestler’s physique.

Wrestlers will benefit from the information they learn about healthy eating and weight maintenance even after their competitive careers are finished. Wrestling will almost certainly boost an athlete’s talents in other sports.

How to choose a Wrestling Camp

It’s vital to understand the many types of high school wrestling camps offered before deciding which ones to attend. Wrestling camps are divided into two categories:

Technique Camps

When looking through rankings of the best wrestling camps for high school, you’ll see a lot of programs labeled as “technique” camps. But what are the specific lessons taught at these camps, and which wrestlers will benefit from them?

Technique camps are the ideal option for beginning wrestlers who want to learn all of the techniques and positions they can utilize during a match. It focuses on a wide range of techniques that may be employed in every position when wrestling.

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Technique camps are typically non-intensive, with the goal of providing an all-encompassing wrestling learning experience.

Technique camps help you become highly informed in certain areas of wrestling and high-level techniques. Some technique camps concentrate on a specific method, such as:

  • Leg riding
  • Top wrestling
  • Bottom wrestling
  • Escaping
  • Takedown
  • Pinning

Other camps are tailored to certain wrestling groups:

  • Heavyweight
  • Lightweight techniques
  • Team competition techniques

Intensive Wrestling Camps

Intensive wrestling camps are the best option for young wrestlers who are in fantastic form and want to take their game to the next level. Intensive camps are based on the assumption that you are already well familiar with the fundamentals of wrestling and its methods.

These camps are meant to take your training to the next level and prepare you for competition.

If wrestlers aren’t in excellent form or are unfit in any manner, intense camps will eat them alive! To thrive in rigorous camps, wrestlers will need to be at their peak physical and mental fitness.

You should be cautious while choosing a camp since you want the greatest experience possible. Here’s a list of things to do.

Begin By Visiting The Wrestling Camp’s Website

Almost every camp has a website or at the very least a dedicated page on a bigger website. You should be able to obtain a wealth of useful information, such as the camp’s contact information and location.

Also, check out a camp’s blog to see whether they are pros in this industry. Additionally, read testimonials to learn about the features that make a camp more appealing.

Make A Phone Call To The Camp

You should make a list of questions that the camp’s website does not address. While some camps have staff on hand 24 hours a day, the majority do not.

If you are unable to reach them, leave a voicemail until you can chat with them in person to assess their friendliness, professionalism, and competence.
If a camp does not respond to your calls, consider it unprofessionalism and avoid it at all costs, otherwise, you will have a ruined wrestling experience.

Take Into Account The Camp’s Location

You can simply locate a wrestling camp using Google maps and other mapping applications. Knowing the location will provide you with a realistic picture of the area’s surroundings and weather.

You should make certain that it is reachable. If a camp is too far away and you don’t know how to get there, you shouldn’t go since you’ll waste too much time trying to find it and cutting into your wrestling time.

Make Sure You Know How Big The Camp Is

Because of the large number of individuals expected to attend the wrestling camp, you should be aware of its size. Choose a camp with enough space to prevent crowds and difficulty accessing wrestling equipment, both of which can detract from your camping experience.

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Consider The Camp’s Amenities

Wrestling camps are not all created equal. Others are highly advanced and high-tech with resort-level luxuries, while some are purposefully rustic and wilderness-focused.
It’s vital to determine how much comfort you require while still ensuring that you have a fun wrestling experience.

Consider The Price

The features and location of a wrestling camp may have a significant impact on the price. A camp with high-end amenities will charge more than one with minimal amenities. In addition, a camp that is located in an inaccessible location will charge less.

Prices, however, vary from one camp to the next. To have a nice time without breaking the bank, compare the rates of camps with all of the amenities you want before deciding on one.

Some camps also provide scholarships and financial help, which might affect a camper’s financial burden; consider this while making your decision.

Types of Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School

There are many wrestling camps to choose from, but these are the best wrestling camps for high school students based on their ranks.

  • High Altitude Wrestling Camps.
  • Montana Intensive Wrestling Camps.
  • Thorn Wrestling Camps.
  • JROB intensive Wrestling Camps.
  • Iowa Wrestling Camps.
  • Troy Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps.
  • Bulltrained Wrestling Summer Camps
  • Purler Wrestling Camps.

#1 High Altitude Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (2)

Chad Tunink, the owner and operator of High Altitude Wrestling Club, started it in 2005. What began with ten wrestlers has grown into one of Iowa’s premier training groups.

Hundreds of wrestlers are trained each year by the High Altitude Wrestling Club at their several training facilities around Iowa. High Altitude Wrestling Club not only has training facilities in Iowa, but also hosts a number of camps throughout the year (pre-season, in-season, winter break, and summer camps).

They started with only one camp at the Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center, and today they offer up to six camps a year, with several of them having a waiting list.

Location: Grimes, Iowa
Contact: 641-757-1287

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#2 Montana Intensive Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (3)

The Montana Intensive Wrestling Camp was created in 2001 and is one of Montana’s oldest child wrestling camps. Every year, it has guest practitioners and a coaching staff that includes some of the finest in the state and country.

The six-day program will enhance your wrestling to its maximum potential by teaching the finest techniques to wrestle, run, and weigh-train for our sport. All three wrestling styles (Folk, Free, and Greco-Roman) will be covered, as well as all wrestling phases (take-downs, reversals, escapes, riding, and pinning).

This program is designed for dedicated wrestlers of all ages and ability levels. This is a challenging camp, and it is strongly advised that you arrive in good physical condition. Wrestlers will be prepared for the state, regional, and national tournaments during this camp.

Location: Flathead High School, Montana
Contact: 406-890-3388

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#3 Thorn Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (4)

Thorn wrestling camps for high school wrestlers are intense 5-day programs designed to prepare wrestlers for state championships! There will be a lot of live wrestling and rigorous drilling during this camp.

The participants will mostly focus on their takedowns. Students will be assigned to camps based on their weight and ability level through a specific selection procedure that will provide the best possible learning environment.

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At the end of each technique session, the athletes drill what they’ve learned in that specific session. The majority of the evening sessions are devoted to live wrestling.

Founded In: 2015
Contact: 763-913-7759

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#4 JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (5)

JROB Wrestling Camps offer three distinct camp options: Intense, Competition, and Technique. JROB Intensive Camps have been the company’s flagship since its inception in 1978. Their unique training methodology is based on the idea that extreme difficulties may lead to life-changing growth.

By focusing on physical preparation, technical ability, mental resilience, and life skills, JROB is the spark that accelerates their personal and athletic change. The JROB Competition Camps’ unique goal is to make each wrestler a fiercer competitor by simulating a multi-day, away-from-home competition.

Wrestlers compete in a minimum of eight full-length, refereed matches throughout the course of the camp, all within a weight-based bracket. JROB Technique Wrestling Camps focus on technical skill development and strategy, and each camp has a high-profile roster of national and regional personnel.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Contact: contact@jrobinsoncamps.com

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#5 Iowa Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (6)

It’s based on the idea that there’s no replacement for a hard effort. The world-famous Iowa Hawkeye wrestling program has established a wrestling system that has produced NCAA, World, and Olympic champions.

While many programs preach about developing champions both on and off the mat, they believe their track record speaks for itself. Their objective, as Assistant Head Coach Terry Brands described it, is “to favorably influence the morals, brains, and bodies of student-athletes they are being taught to terrorize on the mat while remaining ideal gentlemen in society.”

Iowa Wrestling Camps are dedicated to providing the same level of support and instruction to all campers. Providing Hawkeye student-athletes with training that is appropriate for their age and experience in the sport.

Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Contact: (319) 335-9400
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#6 Troy Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (7)

Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps are located in the heart of California’s Central Valley wrestling hotspot, with top clinicians and camp counselors. The instructional sessions cover all levels of college-style wrestling.

They go through everything from neutral to mat wrestling, strength and fitness, and, most importantly, the emotional side of being a professional wrestler. The intensive camp is meant for the experienced wrestler who wants to be pushed to new heights.

The program includes skill coaching, hard drilling, bicycling, live wrestling, and strength training. The program will help participants develop the mental and physical strength needed to succeed as a champion.

The essential skills and techniques that create a competent wrestler will be the focus of the technique camp. The course will cover techniques for the neutral, top, and bottom positions in wrestling.

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Last but not least, Jr. Bulldog Commuter Camp focuses on wrestling basics so that wrestlers may build a strong foundation for their future growth. It is an educational clinic that makes the young wrestler passionate about the sport in a friendly environment.

Founded In: 2009
Location: Fresno, California
Contact: 559-578-6036

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#7 Bulltrained Wrestling Summer Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (8)

Sammie Henson, a World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, World Bronze Medalist, and Sunkist Kids Olympic Wrestling instructor, teaches top technique and preparation courses at BullTrained Wrestling Summer Camp.

Both the Intensive and Technical Camps are designed to give focused education in a group setting. Athletes of all ages and abilities would benefit from the opportunity to learn from Sammi.

The camps teach a range of position-based tactics and talents that are necessary to turn wrestlers into champions. One-on-one training and interesting sessions are a feature of the BullTrained Wrestling camps.

The camp curriculum includes advanced wrestling techniques, mental preparation, character development, and more.

Founded In: 2014
Location: Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Contact: 805-286-1110

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#8 Purler Wrestling Camps

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (9)

Purler Wrestling, Inc is a family-owned and operated wrestling organization that was formed in 1999. They provide a wide range of training possibilities around the country, from exclusive team camps to weekly summer programs. Students are trained at their facility, your facility, or online.

Purler Wrestling Academy is not just the country’s largest wrestling school, but also one of the most competitive. Their pupils have won several national team titles as well as countless state and national medals and accolades.

Summer wrestling camps, in-season competitive hammer camps, and private team programs are all available.

Location: Augusta, Missouri
Contact: 314-229-3540

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#9 Cardinal Wrestling Camp

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (10)

The Cardinal Wrestling Club (CWC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an atmosphere and education that prepares wrestlers for section, state, and national competition.

The CWC teaches, develops, and motivates its members to accomplish their academic and athletic goals via wrestling and the role of Stanford student-athletes.

Founded in: 2005
Location: Stanford, California

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#10 North Carolina Wrestling Factory

10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School | 2022 Review (11)

The NCWF’s mission is to offer individuals the opportunity and a program to promote wrestling, develop sportsmanship, individual character, strength, and stamina in a safe and competitive wrestling environment.

(Video) Best Wrestling Shoes To Buy In 2022

This program will serve as a stepping stone to improve the junior high and high school wrestling programs wherever feasible.

Location: Carthage, North Carolina
Contact: info@ncwrestlingfactory.org

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Your objective should be to select a camp that best matches your present skill level and the sort of instruction you require. After you’ve figured out those two factors, you’ll be able to choose the wrestling camp that’s appropriate for you.


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